Dear Mr. President,

My name is Francisco Vargas, and I want to speak to you about a serious problem the United States has, and that problem is trash disposals. They’re harmful, bad, and horrible to the environment.


Due to a new and harmful cause that has risen in between my town, Hamilton City, and another town that is 10 minutes away, Orland. The problem or issue that has been the talk around these two towns for a couple months now is a “Trash Disposal” they want to make in between our two towns. The problem with this, that people find it horrible including myself, is that they’re trying to make it next to a well known creek called Stony Creek. Stony Creek is a huge resource for our two communities because, it supplies us with water for our homes, it’s drinking water, and it goes into one of the most known rivers, Sacramento River.


See the problem here is that the dump, or the trash disposal, is going to let out plenty of harmful chemicals to the water. It’ll be letting out dirty water from the factory to the creek which will contaminate it even more. This is the thing, if our water gets poisoned, we don’t have a bigger resource to help us with our needs to be supplied with water. To think of it this way, too, is that if water stops being supplied due to the creek not being in use anymore, bills for many things will start to go up, and I bet the people that are trying to construct this don’t think about it this way. The air is going to get even more polluted, and who will be affected due to this stupid and unnecessary cause? Us, of course, since we’re the ones that are going to be surrounded by this dumb disposal that is going to be “useful” to our communities. Note this fact that I’m about to say, due to stats that have been made, to use as counter arguments, they say 7 MILLION+ GALLONS of contaminated waste water per year! Also we already deal with plenty of vermin, mosquitoes, and flies. Why would we want to deal with them even more by putting this disposal just to get us even more annoyed. By then end of this, we’re not going to be able to step outside our house with almost getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.


There’s different perspectives towards this that’s happening, but in my opinion, I like to think of it as one major way. They’re going to be affecting families, maybe deaths can happen if everything turns into chaos, and how long are we going to be able to stay around in our communities/towns until we have to leave because the resources aren’t enough around us to keep our towns running. The main process of keeping many things running is made with water, and if water can’t be supplied to us, then many things will start to go wrong. With water being contaminated, the risks of toxins released into the soil and air is high, very high.


There’s plenty of committee’s making petitions around both communities to stop this dump. Three or four months ago, this story came up to us and that we needed to do something about it. My town, Hamilton City, has got one of the best lawyers on our sides to fight this with us. A month ago, we had already turned in the papers with enough signatures for the petition, to run against this dump, and there was a meeting to determine the final say if the construction was going to be made or not. Hamilton City and all its community members postponed this construction, and have now arranged to make many more meetings before anything ends up happening. This is what happens when a whole community turns into a family to protect the lovely town we call home!


Harmful issues, many things a community may not want, and something that can not only harm us, but the world. OUR HOME. What I spoke about to you Mr. President, it’s not for you to literally come and do something about my community, but to do it all over the United States. I know we, our country, may not be the only ones to do this, to have trash disposals. With us starting a movement, we can not only make it go viral worldwide, but make a difference to save the earth that has been maintaining us alive for so long, it would only be perfect to repay it back with us taking care of it. It doesn’t matter if it’s next to a water resource or just pure land all around, things are still being harmed. Let’s make the world a healthier place, it doesn’t take much. Such as starting with baby steps would be the best start to creating something big and great!


Francisco J Vargas-Garcia

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