R.I.P Selena Reyes-Harnandez by Ashanti

January 20, 2021


R.I.P Selena Reyes-Harnandez

While I was growing up 
I was raised to hate trans people.    
Because trans people are men 
trying to act like a woman 
 women trying to act like men.
that is what the movies and books say 
when one of the characters is transsexual.

that is what i was told growing up 
but I just see them as they were born in the wrong body.
Why would I be afraid of them 
when all my life I felt that I was born in the wrong body.

I always felt that i have the right feeling inside my body 
but I don't look the part outside of my body.
If  i was to tell the world about anything 
i think about my body
 then i would be dead right now

I would be labeled a man 
that is trying to be a woman 
to get closer to women to hurt them. 

I don’t want to be called “tranny:,
a he /
Broken .

I just want to be myself 
and live my life 
how I want to live it.

But no, 
I couldn't live my life like a normal girl.

I was murder on May 31, 2020 
after i told my date 
that i was transgender 
and i was only 37.