Nothing is forever, this includes sports teams. Does this mean sports teams such as Oakland’s should leave their hometown? Oakland’s sports teams include the Athletics who play baseball, the Raiders who play football, and the Warriors that play basketball. Two of the teams stated will no longer play in the Oakland sports complex and will relocate to larger areas with new arenas. The Warriors will move to the Chase Center, after playing in Oakland since 1971 (Spears) The Raiders on the other hand will go to Allegiant Stadium (  Both arenas are located outside of Oakland. Based on research and interviews conducted, it is crucial that Oaklands sports teams such as the Oakland Raiders and Golden States Warriors return to Oakland because of their big reputation on the hometown and the financial benefits they bring to the table.

Oakland sports teams such as the Raiders and Warriors should not have abandoned Oakland because of the different appearance the residents and others have associated with the city. To begin, in an interview on November 25, 2019 with Christopher Jones, a resident of Oakland who immensely admires basketball and participates in the sport. Christopher explains, “ The teams do a really good job in giving Oakland a positive look … it is going to suck having them leave” (Jones). Jones brings up that since the Warriors have history in Oakland and have thrived it is unethical for them to just leave because without them in Oakland, fans will despise them. The idea of “a positive look” acknowledges that having the Warriors leave will influence people to have negative stereotypes about Oakland and overshadow it. On the contrary, if the team returns, so will the positive look. Furthermore, in another interview that took place on November 24, 2019 with Jose Martinez, a dedicated Raiders fan who has been to their games since 2012 he states, “They [Raiders leaving] are going to make me move, I have lived in Oakland for a while but I think it is the best for me to stick with them” (Martinez). The fact that there are some fans that are as dedicated as Martinez shows how the Raiders are exalted, however not everyone is as passionate or able to move because the Raiders left, that is a big commitment that is just not worth it and would be illogical. This comes back to ethics, would the Raiders and Warriors leaving be justified only because it benefits them financially?  

Therefore, the antithesis would argue that Oakland sports teams, for instance the Warriors and Raiders decision to leave is  justified because in the long run, being in more populated areas will attract more people and be the better financial option. For example, the Chase Center is the arena located in San Francisco where the Warriors are going to be relocated to. The United States Census Bureau points out that in 2017 San Francisco has a population of 884,363 while Oakland had 425,192 (United States Census Bureau). From the statistics it can be seen that San Francisco has more than double the population of Oakland. This means there would be more people for the Warriors to attract and more people to pay money to come see them play. 

The Raiders and Warriors should not have abandoned Oakland because the city will face negative effects by not growing as fast. This is proven because in the list, “50 largest cities without major sports teams” published on October 13, 2017 by Nick Selbe, a person with over 5 years of experience in sports media and tech, even having his work appear on San Bernardino is ranked as number fifty on the list with a population of 216,234 in 2016 (Selbe). Compare this to Oaklands 421,566 population in 2016 (United States Census Bureau) proves that cities with sports teams have more people because the sports teams bring recognition to the city. And again, if a place has high population it tends to do better because it means more people are paying taxes to help improve the place. So since the teams left, Oakland will not get as much publicity as it did when it was the home of legends such as Stephan Curry. The teams should care because staying would be the right choice that benefits Oakland and continues to benefit the teams instead of just the teams and San Francisco. Furthermore why move arenas when in the article, “Oracle Arena: Five Fast Facts You Need to Know” published on June 5, 2019 by Sam Dodge who is a huge sports contributor and has published work in the LA Times, the article Dodge points out that, “During the 2017 Finals between the Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, somebody paid $133,000 total for two seats for Game 5 at Oracle Arena.” (Dodge). Why would the Warriors want to leave if people are willing to pay absurd prices to watch them play?

In conclusion, Oakland sports teams, more specifically the Raiders and Warriors should not have departed Oakland because it will hurt the city financially and the reputation they have acquired will just be thrown away. People in Oakland have become connected to the teams and other successful cities do not need the sports teams. In the end, the Raiders and Warriors actions where irrevocable and devastating for dedicated fans in Oakland, but it will not be the end of Oakland because they still have the Athletics and, who knows, replacements could exceed the ones that left. And to reiterate, the teams should not have left and should return because it will impede progress and degarde the esteme for the players and teams.

Annotated Bibliography 

“Census Glossary.” Census,

This is government glossary that keeps track of estimates of city populations through time. Since this is a government website it has some established credibility. The glossary just states facts and no argument so it cannot be bias. The cite is relevant to sports teams leaving because it is used as a fact that gives the reader perspective

Dodge, Sam. “Oracle Arena: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know.”, 6 June 2019,

The article talks about how Oakland is getting closer and closer to losing the Warriors, they are going to The Chase Center in San Francisco. It talks about Oracles history. And the community’s response to having another of their best teams leave them. However, through all this the warriors still have some games left in the arena and because of big events the prices of tickets are extremely expensive. The article was published in 2019 making it up to date, it also talks about current and future events. The author Sam Dodge was also written for multiple other news and sharing site such as, LA Times, Big Ten Network, and IHeartMedia. He is also a heavy contributor in covering sports.

Gonzalez, Xavier, and Christopher Jones. “Warriors Interview.” 25 Nov. 2019.

In the interview Jones was asked about their age and background then they were asked them if they have a favorite sports team, followed up by how they think sports teams represent Oakland. Next, conversation began about players in that team and lastly they were questioned about what they think the future holds for Oakland sports teams. Christopher Jones is a sports enthusiast and fan that is athletic and support the Warriors. This makes him a credible person to interview because of all of his knowledge and experience with sports. He also resides in Oakland making his opinion on sports related topics trustworthy to some extent. The interview was conducted on November 25, 2019 making it relevant and not outdated.

Gonzalez, Xavier, and Jose Martinez. “Raiders Interview.” 24 Nov. 2019.

This interview started with me getting to know how long the person has lived in Oakland, they were questioned about what they thought about the Raiders, it was followed up with how they feel knowing that their team is leaving in the 2020 season to Las Vegas. They were asked how they think the Raiders leaving will affect Oakland and its people. Lastly they were asked how this would affect him. The interview is credible because Jose Martinez is a dedicated Raiders fan that has been to games since 2012. He was also at Oracle Arena which signals that he is emphatic about sports and will go out of his way to support his team in person. Furthermore they are an Oakland resident making their opinion on whether the Raiders are traitors especially strong. This interview was conducted 

November 24, 2019 which makes the ideas talked about up to date. 

Relations, Raiders Media, et al. “Raiders, Allegiant Agree on Naming Rights Deal for Las Vegas Stadium.” Raiders, 26 Aug. 2019,

On the official Raiders website, they talked about naming getting the rights to naming the Las Vegas Stadium that is being constructed to become their future home. They are going to name the stadium, Allegiant Stadium. The article also talks about how the partnership with Allegiant will greatly benefit and bring them pride. Since the article comes from the official Raiders website, the news presented is not fake and is indeed what they are going to do. The article was also published recently making it relevant.

Selbe, Nick. “50 Largest Cities without a Major Sports Team: Stacker.” The Stacker, 13 Oct. 2017,

This is an informational list that shows as the name states, “50 large cities without major sports teams”. This informational list was published in 2017 making it relevant. Furthermore the author Nick Selbe has 5 years of experience in sports media and has even written for The list is relevant because it was used to compare the effects of a sports team being present in cities.

Spears, Mark J. “Warriors to Show Oakland Some Love with Debut of ‘The Town’ Jerseys.” The Undefeated, The Undefeated, 24 Nov. 2017,
This article talks about how the Warriors decided to pay homage to Oakland by making jerseys with The Town on them. The article also talks about the team players positive thoughts about the new jerseys. The information presented is credible because the person who presented it, Marc Spears is heavily involved in sports and previously wrote for the NBA and knows so much about sports since he used to participate in them. He writes articles about sports weekly and talks about news, not opinions.

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May 14, 2020 6:34 pm

Dear Xavier,
I am currently a student at San Jose State. I enjoyed reading your post about Oakland’s
sports teams. I have one question, what do you mean by “positive look?” I think I might know, but I would like to hear from you. I also wish that both teams would have stayed. I am sad that the Warriors left Oakland to play in San Francisco, but it makes me content that they are still in the Bay. On the other hand, I’m really sad that the Raiders left for Las Vegas. This past season, I went to my first game! I had a lot of fun with my boyfriend and next season (if there is a season), I’m road tripping to Las Vegas to watch them play. I’m a faithful fan, the location doesn’t matter.

Erica Hodgin
Erica Hodgin
March 10, 2020 6:27 am

It was great to read your blog post. You clearly did a lot of research and care about this topic. The negative financial impact on Oakland is very concerning and I wonder what they will do with the land where the teams used to play. Does the city have any plans for developing these areas in ways that would bring more income, jobs or housing for residents? I’m also curious if the teams shared the reasons why they left beyond moving to a more populated area. Was it purely financial? Will they continued to try to attract Oakland fans and give back to the Bay area more broadly?
Thanks for sharing what you learned!

January 10, 2020 6:40 pm

Xavier, this article is thoroughly impressive. You used extensive objectivity and factual evidence tied in with your subjective viewpoint of the problem at hand. As a huge NFL fan, I found this article very relatable and enlightening into the future of team moves and relocation. You had extensive sources to back up your thesis, and your inclusion of the opposition’s standpoint added more credibility as it showed a conflicting viewpoint and its faults. Your trail of logic was very clear and coherent and this continued to add strength and credibility to your point, which you wrapped up beautifully and succinctly.

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