After the mother continues having the objective to provide a gentleman caller for her daughter Laura, Amanda makes the impossible to become that supposed dream play true. She eventually argues with her son Tom making him pursue this goal as his responsibility, TOM attempts to confess the preoccupation of the mother to accomplish this passionated moment to her needs. Does Tom consider his mother’s proposal as to become part of the need of Laura? Is he really agree or connected to what has happened among Laura’s sentimental life to what his mother really wants?

The third chapter, section of “The Glass Menagerie” by Willian Tennessee might leave a reader feeling Interest and Joy because the connection to the real life is very relative to what happens when a mother is concerned about their children’s lives prior to life circumstances, regardless if they like it or not. In scenes 3&4 from the Glass Menagerie, we can observe throughout the entire narration the mother’s obsession in supplying Laura a gentleman caller for her to get married with. She forces Tom to serve himself as part of her plan so that he can help the mother, it includes discussions among themselves. An example of this is in lines 190, where Amanda says “I mean that as soon as Laura has got somebody to take care of her, married, a home of her own, independent ?- why, then you’ll be free to go wherever you please, on land, on sea, whichever way the wind blows you! (Tennessee).” It means that she will not rest but will give up everything from herself to look for a gentleman that can improve her daughter’s economic status to be an independent women. In addition, she does not want her son TOM to hesitate until he accomplishes that objective.

We learn something interesting about one on the characters, Amanda on page where it says: “ After the fiasco at Rubicam’s Business College, the idea of getting a gentleman caller for Laura began to play a more and more important part in Mother’s calculations. It became an obsession.” This is typical of how this character acts in this play, so far she often seems to be determined over her aspirations and good desires for her family. As may be seen, she aims to providing her daughter the type of man most convenient for her future. It is why this play shows that having this objective in mind began to be part of her life more and more. In fact, recognizing the attitude of the mothers’ intentions in making changes in the life of her children makes me change my perspective in how annoying she could eventually be throughout the story with her son TOM, because at the end of the day, what she worries more is about the wellness of their children despite everything. I would like to be her friend because my mother just acts slightly that way, in terms of wanting the best for

my future when it comes to having a relationship. She does not want me to repeat the same life circumstances she had. It is why her personality brings me back to want to know more about Amanda.

For a more further part of this play, most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this book because it shares many commonalities to what parents usually want for their children .What is probably going to happen next is that at the end of the day, the gentleman caller will reject Laura and expectations may be a bit disappointing to what the mother was waiting for. However, there is a possibility that Amanda’s daughter may be able to have a a different life status to what she had, which can be tricky.

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