TPS by Mashlin

March 4, 2020



Donald Tump and the government have been wanting to remove the TPS and not allow the Salvadoran, Haitian, Nicaragua, Sudan, Honduras, and Nepal people to apply for this authorization anymore.

This has changed in the past couple of years and sometimes they want to absolutely get rid of the TPS. So many people who have emigrated have been worried for the past few months. They never know when it might be time to go back to their dangerous country. Central America would also be affected because the cities would be overcrowded and there would be more crimes and more killing. More people would mean more difficulties.

The easiest solution for this situation would be to give TPS holders citizenship if they haven’t had any bad records. They deserve to be in a safe country that can help them and their families. Removing the TPS should not be an option. The diversity from all around the world makes the United States more unique and important. The removal of the TPS will just cause many more problems and hurt many innocent adults and children that don’t deserve to be separated from their families and don’t deserve to live in a dangerous country. There will also be a significant impact on the economy.

For the past few months, they have been extending the life of the TPS. Immigrants dont know until when they will be allowed to be here anymore. Last year, they extended the TPS until September 2019. Now it has been extended until 2021.


deportation photo