My friends and I were strolling to sit down on the grass of the schoolyard.

“Our performance is in two days! What should we wear?” I asked.

 “Let’s wear regular clothes,” said Natalie.  Melany disagreed.  

“No, let’s wear a dress because our performance is about singing,” Melany said to Natalie. But     Natalie didn’t feel convinced. She just put her head down.

 “Eh,” said Natalie.  

‘’I don’t feel comfortable with dresses. Anahy & you know that.” 

I was confused. I didn’t know which choice I should pick. All I did was listen to them and didn’t say a word. On my part, I didn’t care what we wear, but they did.

 “Whatever. If we are not wearing jeans I’m not performing,” scolded Melany. 

 “What?, No!” I said and shook my head. 

I didn’t know what to do then. The bell rang. It was time to go back to class.      

“What happened Anahy?” my teacher wondered.

“I think our performance is canceled.”

 “Why do you say that? What happened?”

“Because Melany and Natalie were arguing about what to wear,” I said to my teacher  

My teacher looked shocked too.

 “Oh God, tough decision,” she told me.

I was confused and frustrated because they were really arguing about what to wear. I just put my head down. 

“It’s okay. You girls are gonna figure out what to wear and the problem is gonna be solved.”

 “Ugh, okay. I am going to talk to them after class.”

 The bell rang and I went to go look for them. I asked them if there were okay now. But they just put their heads down.

 “Come on guys we have to decide what to wear for the performance.”

 Natalie and Melany started  to proclaiming at each other. I stood between them so they couldn’t gonna do anything to each other.

They both asked me what’s better to wear. I was shocked because if I say dress, my other friend would have gotten mad because I know she doesn’t like wearing dresses. I was stuck. “Natalie and I wear jeans,” I said. We all agree with my choice.

I still am shocked about how I was supposed to choose between my two best friends. And I’m surprised that they stopped talking to me because I didn’t say my answer. When I think about that moment I say to myself I should’ve said “let’s wear our own style.” but they were too mad at me because I didn’t say anything. In my point of view, I wouldn’t care what to wear cs it wasn’t gonna be the show we wear just going to sing. 

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