Legalizing and regulating cannabis is a representation of the major value of the country-liberty. Since cannabis is proven to be far safer than alcohol and tobacco, the government needs to reconsider the regulations and criminalization of cannabis, especially in a nation that is dedicated to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” 

Prohibition of cannabis is certainly a bad decision for society from any perspective. People need to consume cannabis whether it’s legal or illegal, but if it’s legalized then it will be taxed and in this way at least we got paid. On the contrary, prohibiting it is wasting money, wasting police resources, and wasting citizens’ taxes. All the money and energy wasted on prohibiting cannabis can be used for other good causes and improve the situation of society to the next level. 

When the police are too focused on cannabis crime, the real and more serious crimes are happening without their enough attention. There are FBI data showing that police only cleared 33 percent of rapes, 31 percent of robberies, and 14 percent of burglaries.

Original article: Project, Marijuana Policy. “Top 10 Reasons to Legalize and Regulate Cannabis.” MPP, Accessed 26 Mar. 2022.


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September 6, 2022 3:35 am

Dear Yan,
I am impressed by your post, “ Top 10 Reasons to Legalize and Regulate Cannabis,” because you mention how Cannabis is safer than alcohol and tobacco and its a reason to legalize it. I think that this is a great idea because people are dying trying to buy black market cannabis. But by legalizing it, there is a way to safely obtain the cannabis without having to give in to black market stuff. 
One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: All the money and energy wasted on prohibiting cannabis can be used for other good causes and improve the situation of society to the next level. I think this is a big factor because if we legalize cannabis, then we can use those profits for many other things including fixing roads or creating new roads. As well as, creating a safer alternative to cannabis.
Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because your topic was interesting as well as your choice of words

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