Dear president,

As  a college freshmen I am aware that Bernie Sanders wants to get rid of tuition and fee’s. At first, I was super excited and was like “Yea woo! Go Bernie! Feel the Bern!” But now that I think about it, questions arise. One of the things that pop up to my mind is what does this truly mean. Most college students go to college in order to study something of their interest and to get better wages.

A college degree will become the new high school diploma and it will not have a huge impact on our wages. We study to get high paying jobs. If everyone goes to college just because it’s free they will not put all their effort into their studies as those who pay for their college tuition. Take High School for example, most High Schools are public schools and since it’s free they do not mind putting in all their work. On the other hand, students that go to Private schools seem to get better outcomes since they are paying to receive the education. If there is a huge percentage of college students that all go for a bachelor’s degree it will make the graduation and major requirements higher.There are programs that help academic wise in college. Like Educational Opportunity Programs, Student Support Services, Raising Educational Achievement in Collaborative Hubs. So if there is no college tuition does that mean we won’t have that support anymore? As a first generation incoming freshmen I want the most support I can receive from programs. I do not want to pay more than I have to, to receive an education that I desire.

Instead,we should have college tuition lowered. If we don’t pay for college tuition, does that mean that books/supplies and housing increase?  There are downsides we should think about just from an asset like free college tuition. If there is no college tuition at the colleges and universities students will not put in their effort as if they were paying for it themselves with government assistance.


Tiffany Murillo

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