To be Honest

I used to hate myself because of people oppressing me.

Back in middle school I thought of killing myself due to bullies and name calling.

I went to a psychiatrist to evaluate me and she said that it was depression.

It was a really bad time back then.


To be Honest

High School was supposed to be different, or so I thought.

Teachers would be telling me students would be more mature

And it would be less likely for you to be bullied.

Once I got here it was like middle school all over again.


To be Honest

Freshman year was okay,

No one knew me

Only one from middle school, and she kind ofruined my starting year,

That bitch ruined it by trying to be my friend when I knew that she was the person who spread that rumor when I was middle school.

I wanted a new start, to be a different person from middle school.

But on the same day I meant her I also met my best friend too.

We were chill.

She helped me, and I was shock that I could trust her in that moment.


10th grade the year were everything went downhill.

My friend and I weren’t friends any more because of rumors they spread about us.

Our friendship was ruined that year.

That same year, I was hospitalized – almost died on the table.

My advisor left, I had less faith / trust in everyone.

My grades sucked ass and my depression was back


To be Honest

Junior year a year of less-ish drama

I became friends with my best friend,

We apologized and said lets put this behind us and renew this friendship.

but we don’t call each best friends just friends cause we don’t want people to spread shit again.

They make my life hard and she is a good friend I never had a good friendship in like forever.

I want this one to last because we got through all this mess and we are doing fine.


To be Honest

This year I’m a senior

My friend and I are chill, and we are getting along very well.

We trust each other unlike some fake ass bitches.

We don’t care what other people say as much because they were trying to make the most of high school.

We both have similar and different plans of our own after high school.

We plan to hangout and be friends.


To be Honest

My life was terrible

I’m not going to be a child anymore

I’ll be an adult

I’ve learned a lot of lessons throughout my life

But the most important one is to be YOU

And to have trust in your work and yourself.

You don’t have to be perfect.

But in this world there is nothing that is perfection but different.

Different is beautiful no need to be perfect just be YOU


To be Honest

I have a future and I am going to enjoy it my way.

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March 19, 2018 2:31 pm

Dear Yadira,

I am very moved about what you had to go through in your life. Your poem “To Be Honest” is very touching and relatable to many people. One sentence that you wrote that stood out for me was “Back in middle school I thought of killing myself due to bullies and name calling” another one is ” I wanted a new start, to be a different person from middle school”. The first sentence is touching and you’re not the only one going through things like that so don’t think your alone. These stood out from me because I think in my head that everyone is perfect and special in their own ways. Thank you so much for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I lived reading about your life, I’m also so glad that when you thought about killing yourself you didn’t, it would have been so sad if we lost another child to suicide from bulling, so I’m glad you didn’t. Thank you again for writing.

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