I am so much, and yet,

so little.

I am a giant and yet simultaneously,

I am more miniscule than a speck of dust.

But to me, I am everything.

My thoughts, my words, my very atoms,

Will forever be unique to me,

experienced first-hand by me alone.


So much lies beyond our lives,

Beyond our world, our solar system, our galaxy.

We know not what lies beyond the realm of our consciousness,

our understanding.

In the fleeting spark that is life,

We shall never experience the entirety,

of the infinity,

that we call Possibility.

For a spark is fleeting,

Ignited for a split second, and then,



But to me, my spark is all I shall ever know,

Just like your spark to you.

My voice, expressions, and mannerisms,

Will only be those I can ever truly call

My own.

But our individualism is not limited,

By our projection of self into the greater world.

The sounds we hear are just as unique to us,

As the words that escape our lips.


The whisper of tall grass in a field,

Can never sound the same to me

As to you.

The salt and sand of the coast,

Will never smell the same to me,

As to you.

Even the curve of my jaw, or dark light of my eyes

In the reflection staring back at me,

Should never look the same to me,

As to you.


Sometimes, I lament that our lives are so exclusive,

That even a shared lifetime of company cannot bridge the gap,

To truly experiencing what I feel,

When I see shadows of maple trees, at dusk,

In July.


Yet I feel some solace, some comfort,

In having an uninterrupted private viewing,

Of the film of a lifetime.

My lifetime.

I am satisfied, existing as this giant speck of dust,

And you should too,

For life will never be the same to me,

As to you.

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February 27, 2018 2:57 pm

That’s an amazing poem, Paul. I like how you have a deep insight to what you feel and how everyone has their own thought, making us different. I thought that examples of how things we perceive different were crucial, where they seem so rudimentary but it evokes complexity of thought as well as vast differences. Nice job.

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