Dear past-self,

I’m sorry you feel the way you do right now, but everything will be fine. I’d like to tell you how it went, felt, and worked out. From when I am sending this letter to you from you are very happy living at home with you’re beautiful girlfriend, and yes the same one. When you told you sisters you were pan-sexual they accepted you right away, in fact it was a little funny. Laurel simply stated, “I know,” and then it was over things continued as normal. Molly was the same saying she figured as much and was excited for the both of you. I know that right now you are nervous, but trust me you are for no reason we have yet to have a bad reaction from anyone yet and its been 5 years. Now, when we told Mom she was upset we waited as long as we did, so if you want to save us some grief I’d tell her right away. She was only upset because she thought we could trust her, being pan-sexual however? Not a problem at all, again she thought you were dating Holly 2 years before you were. Dad got a little hairy and awkward, but there was no yelling and now the jokes we have are fun and lighthearted. Things get so much better from where you are. You are going to feel amazing when you finish telling people. You will become more self-confident and sure in yourself, your feelings, and honestly, life in general gets better. You no longer have to lie like you hate doing and you will have and be able to openly celebrate our  amazing girlfriend. Things will go how you would logically expect so please take my advice, tell anxiety to take a hike your family and friends love you, so let them love the real you.


Your out future self. <3

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December 3, 2017 8:31 pm

This is really beautiful. “Let them love the real you.” I think some non-LGBTQ+ people might not understand how important this is, not only to a family but to an individual’s mental health. It feels awful to hide who you are, and nobody should have to. Overall, I’m really happy everything worked out so well for you! It makes me feel optimistic for future LGBTQ+ youth.

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