This is a poem about the violence that goes on in Oakland. This poem connects to the story of Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare and how they felt like they were stuck in the middle of a fight that they didn’t start.

This is Oakland


This is Oakland,

Fear and Pain fill these streets

Where Hate vs Hate always meet

Violence is taking us deeper into the past

That there seems to be no future

For us,

The youth,

Just like Romeo and Juliet


By the violence that was built before

Our existence

And we are all reaching and

Reaching to find our escape.

But we drown in the


Before starting the


The struggle is real

And hurt is all we feel

No one is going to hand us peace

So we just need to keep reaching and

Reaching till we find our release.

This is Oakland,

The world is blinded by all the


That they can’t see the


They can’t see the beauty that lies within

All they see is the bodies that have been laid in these premises.

This is Oakland

The world makes promises that they

Will stop the hurt but

They don’t


And all they do is


We live in the shadows

Fearing the light of


We are the Montagues

While society is the Capulets

Soon this feud

Might end and we might make amends

But sooner or later we will have to defend

Our right to be us

And not what society wants to see


This is Oakland

And I should be able to just be me

Without the fear of a gun

I should just be able to have simple fun

And not be on alert and be ready to run

Not having to fear anyone

I cannot wait until this war is finally done.

But I fear it has only begun.



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December 13, 2018 3:02 am

Dear Lupita,
I LOVED your poem. I can visualize the way Oakland is with your poem and how our youth is exposed to hate. I also like the way you used the feuds with oakland to compare with Romeo and Juliet. Something i connected to is when you said, “And I should be able to just be me, Without the fear of a gun”. This connected to me because i feel like whenever i going somewhere i’m not same because guns have become a big problem today and almost everyone has one and knowing that doesn’t make me feel safe. Overall your poem was really moving and I really enjoyed it. I hope you keep writing. – Christina

December 12, 2018 7:27 pm

Dear Lupita,

Thank you for sharing your amazing poem! I enjoyed reading every word in it. I love when you said
“This is Oakland
And I should be able to just be me
Without the fear of a gun
I should just be able to have simple fun
And not be on alert and be ready to run
Not having to fear anyone”
That was very strong, and the rhyming and the wording of everything is great! I also feel the same way, that when we’re home, or anywhere, there’s no sure way to say that we’re safe. Keep up the amazing work of your poetry!

December 12, 2018 4:47 am

Dear Lupita
Your poem is so good. I think it’s clear that you are trying to show how Oakland has a lot of violence. I really like your poem because your expressing the violence and I really like how u relate it to the Montagues and Capulets and how society is the capulets and whe are the montagues. I liked how at the end you said “but I fear it only begun” i really like how you ended your poem because it shows that you feel like violence will keep on getting worse going on in the future.

December 12, 2018 4:11 am

Dear Lupita,
I love your poem, I think it really explains the claim your trying to explain, which is violence. Your poem is really good because you rhyme, and that’s a good thing to do when writing poems. A line that stood out to me was,” This is Oakland, and I should be able to just be me, without the fear of a gun, I should be able to have simple fun, and not be on alert and ready to run, not having to fear anyone, I cannot wait until this war is finally done, but I fear it has only begun”. I think those lines are really strong because at the end it’s like wow, such a great ending. Overall you did amazing with your poem, I hope you post more on here, because you are a really great writer.

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