Seeing people and taking a glance at them can make you think
Some good and bad thoughts, but who would know
The answer, they wouldn’t know cause it’s in your mind
Confidence,Intelligence,Challenge is my body

Confidence, some say is getting through a scary movie in the dark
Something I used to use to show with my words and not so with my body
Took some getting used to cause I didn’t have stylish clothing but I maintained
I can bring this because who else can bring it for me

Intelligence, “Can someone answer 2+2” ? 
4 “correct” well I just showed i’m intelligent 
It’s more than math, school or making money
Showing that I have a strong sense of self, observe, empathic is my intelligence

Challenge, me having the ability to push the limits 
To reach goals the hardest way possible to have a story to tell to prove myself to the doubts
Instead of taking an easy car shortcut with the popular
Making it to my final destination without a story of the journey

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December 1, 2021 9:58 pm

Dear Adayiah,

I am inspired by your post because a lot of people have insecurities about most things. This can lead to many negative things such as self-harm and low self-esteem. Many people go through their own battles which is why I think the first step of loving yourself is to accept yourself for who you are, flaws and everything. Even if people try to put you down don’t mind them because it’s truly a reflection of how they feel about themselves. Instead of spreading hate just be as positive as you can.

I really like that you said it could be a challenge is very true which is why loving yourself is a process but once you reach that point you won’t ever go back to being negative. Embracing yourself is something everyone uniquely does so be yourself!

Last edited 2 years ago by Paul Allison

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