This is Me by Branden

July 21, 2022


This is Me

My name is Branden Girtman. I am from Port Chester, New York. I Love to go to church and interact with people from all walks of life. I am a music teacher and one thing I love to do is listen to people. That may seem a little strange or something that is not normally said. Listening to people helps me to understand who they are, how they are, and why they are who they are.  Some people listen to respond instead of listening  to understand where the individual point of view. They will say things such as ” are you finish” which shows they are not listening. When I am having a conversation with someone and they have finished talking I say to them ” this is what I am getting from what you are saying” and I say what I got out of the conversation because I could be interpreting what they are saying wrong. Also, after I finish talking I would ask them ” what did you hear me say”? I ask this because I want them to understand where I am coming from and I want to understand where they are coming from. We should listen to understand and not wait to talk. Teaching music has helped me grow as a listener. When I am teaching music to a student we talk about life as well as music. I try to find a correlation between music and life. I try to show them that the disciple and dedication that is put into music can be put into others areas of life, such as school work,  which will lead to better interaction and relatability with the work they are doing.

I believe that in order to have compassion towards others we have to understand where the person is coming from as regards to their point of view. We must have compassion and put ourselves in the other person shoes so that we can understand them. I believe when we are faced with new things that we have to learn that we should face it with an open mind and look at it as an opportunity to learn and not look at it as being difficult. Things may be difficult at first because it’s the first time we are doing it. As we continue to work and become familiar with it, we will see that the task will become more natural to us and we will discover that we have the capability of doing and finishing the work. If we change how we look at things we will change the outcomes.