This is me

This shadow box represents women empowerment,culture, and basically who I am as a person but a dominant narrative about me is people who don’t know me may assume that I have a smart mouth,ghetto, and get in a lot of trouble but thats no where near true I’m not ghetto nor smart mouth, and I don’t really get in trouble and many people who don’t know me would think that because I live in the harsh parts of Oakland. By showing my box I’m going to be enlightening people about who I am as a person. A counter narrative about me is i’m born and raised from oakland, my ethnicity is African American, I’m a Sister ,daughter ,grandchild ,bestfriend ,student and I work hard for me education. Everything you see in this box is just a small part of me you haven’t seen it yet

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Khanh Phan
April 18, 2019 3:39 pm

Dear Kalani,
Growing up in an area that is considered “harsh” is not easy. These areas tend to be predisposed to the negative stereotypes. Regardless, I admire how resilient you are to these stereotypes. I love how your shadow box shows the level pride and strength you have. Not only that but the components of your shadow box are interesting. The pictures show that you are aware of your roots. That is important because many people I know, are not aware. The box is colorful and that shows your creativity. The words add in impactful message about who you are. Overall, my takeaway from your shadow is that you are resilient, strong, and prideful of yourself. Continue to express yourself with pride no matter what others think. Keep it up Kalani.

October 17, 2018 6:37 pm

Dear Kalani,
I am happy about your shadow box and paragraph, “This is me” because you show your hard work on both of theses and really stand out! I really like how you put baby pictures and some family members. One part of your paragraph that stands out to me is where you talk about how hard you work to have an education. I think this is excellent to point out because a lot of people assume that people of color don’t care about their education. And I think this is good to show out to the world, it shows them that they are completely wrong. Another part that I liked too is where you added empowering female words. This stood out for me because it shows that your assigned identity is really important to you. Your paragraph and shadow box reminds me of something I once made. One time I also wrote about being female and being a different ethnicity and how the world saw me. Also I showed that society is wrong about what they think I am. Thanks for your shadow box and paragraph. I look forward to seeing what you will make next, because you are really good at showing your hard work!

October 10, 2018 4:26 pm

Dear kalani
I love how even you are a sister, a daughter and so many other stuff you really work hard for your education. I really like how you don’t pay attention to dominant narrative and you keep doing you. Keep up with the hard work you have done and don’t let negative things put you down.

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