Besides the obvious scientific and structural advancements, only one thing has really changed amongst the generations :

We now live in an America where people of color are seemingly given glorious amounts of political influence and control over their lives.

Otherwise, we still live in an America where the school to prison system isn’t a theory but our reality.

We still live in an America where young black boys are afraid of cop sirens, not because of the trouble they may be causing, but because they know they aren’t seen as more than targets.

We still live in an America where predominantly black schools receive significantly less funding.

We still live in an America where white is considered right and black is just inappropriate.

We still live in an America where natural is no longer natural, where surgery and enhancements are as casual as racial slurs.

We still live in an America where hate lives in our society as much as blacks live off of EBT and WIC programs.

We still live in an America where mouths and eyes close in the face of injustice but phones are always present.

We still live in an America where we are policed by those who care less about the jurisdiction and more about protecting their own.

We still live in an America where we love America but America doesn’t love us.

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June 16, 2018 6:12 am

Well written

Reply to  Shreyas
June 16, 2018 6:13 am

I agree

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