The Fear of Change Halts Progress by Abinaov

April 30, 2017


The Fear of Change Halts Progress

I believe that change is, far more often than not, of benefit to humanity. Unfortunately, though, we as humans fear change. It is the unknown, and the unknown may be worse than the current. Like it or not though, change is the sole path with which we may progress.

Change causes fear. It is a natural reaction that none of us are immune to. I had moved when I was seven and was terrified of the change in scenery. I worried that I would lose the friends who lived in the apartment building I did and that I would have no friends in the neighborhood that I was moving into. The first fear turned out to be true, but the blow was not even felt due to the second fear being baseless. If I had let myself be dictated by the fear of change, I would have ended up in a far worse position.

Looking back with perspective, it is quite easy to see how change has made the world a better place. There are near infinite examples that show this, on the other hand, there are probably as many counter-examples showing how changes cause strife, turmoil, and death. One event that clearly outlines both is the French Revolution. On the upside, it spread democratic ideals throughout Europe and irreparably damaged the institute of slavery. The downsides, however, were that the ideas were primarily spread through war and occupations in the following Napoleonic Wars. I concede that change often introduces problems, but the problems are often more to do with the society’s attempts to assimilate/reject the new and the old, rather than an inherent part of change itself.

Change is a precursor to progress. It will eventually and inevitably reform into a better future. We have no need to fear and act against it. Humanity still does anyway, which is what leads to the stagnation of societies and their eventual collapse, but the acceptance of change can lead to a better future without the conflict it often brings.

Photo “Changes Coming,” by naturalflow