I have been walking on this earth now for 16 years, 9 months, and 23 days. While that may not seem like much, it has been enough for me to form an intimate opinion on how I perceive this life. Through my own experiences and journeys, I have come to believe that having a positive point of view makes the world a better place. I’ve been faced with my fair share of difficulties, I’ve been put down time and time again, but each time I simply pick myself up, brush myself off, and keep on persevering through life. There will always be ups and downs, sunsets will always fade, the ground will always shake, but I have chosen that I want to keep smiling throughout all of that. After all, why would you rather be sad than happy? I know that sometimes it’s next to impossible to find happiness, sometimes life hits you so hard that you can’t get up right away, but there will always come a point where you have to decide between improvement and continuing down that slippery slope of despair, and a positive attitude is exactly what will always help me find a way to choose improvement.

Two months ago, I got in my first car accident. I inflicted well over $7,000 worth of damage on my olive green 2009 Jeep Patriot, a car that I had fallen in love with from the moment I saw it and had made countless and priceless memories in. I totaled it after owning it for only 9 months, and the worst part was it was 100% my fault: something that I have not admit prior to now. I was beyond devastated, that car was absolutely perfect for me and had taken me to so many wonderful places, and it really put me down to see it loaded onto a tow truck as I patted its hood one last time before it was taken away for good. I spent time thinking about everything I could’ve changed to prevent that accident from occurring, but it wasn’t long before my optimism kicked in and I realized it did me no good to dwell on changing the past. Yes, I missed my car, but I just focused on the positives in life and all that I’m lucky to have rather than thinking about what I lost. I counted everything that I was blessed to have, and I focused on things that brought me joy. I kept my chin up no matter what, I kept smiling despite any negative occurrence that I was dealt with, and I moved on through each and every day viewing the world as an amazing place. The ground will shake, the sun will set, the tides will rise and fall, but we must continue on our paths through all the ups and downs, and I have chosen to do so with my head up and teeth grinned, seeing life as nothing but a privilege.

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