I believe that giving back to communities is important.

I had the amazing opportunity to give back to the Roseland, Chicago community this past spring break with my Okemos Outreach group. We got to volunteer at the Good News DayCare Center, where we as a whole worked with a variety of children of different ages. We also had the opportunity to feed the homeless at church and have a Good News Giveaway.

I was assigned to the infants and 1’s and 2’s when working in the daycare. The kids came from low income homes and most of their mothers were teens when they had them. Most of the children don’t get much affection such as love, hugs and attention at home, that’s where we came in. It was our job to give back to these kids, by playing, hugging, and holding them. We as the Okemos Outreach group also took all the kids too the Nature Museum because they don’t see much besides pitbulls in the neighborhood. The smiles on their faces melted my heart, just being able to show them that there is more out there for them to see is something I really enjoyed.

Being able to cook for and feed the homeless was a highlight for me while on my trip. We got up around 5am to get ready for church, when we arrived at Christ Temple Cathedral Ms. Pearl (who runs the Good News Daycare) started directing us all different directions to start cooking. I was on egg duty, we cooked a variety of different foods such as pancakes, sausage, and grits served with a side of orange juice. After we served the homeless breakfast, we made ourselves a plate and sat down too talk with them face to face. I heard a lot about what they’ve been through and how they cope with it, it was amazing to hear and see what a strong person they are in such a bad situation.

The Good News Giveaway is where we gave low income mom’s clothes for their children. I had sizes from newborns to 12 months, all clothes that were given away were donated from organizations and others within the community but also from people not in the community. All the mothers were sweet and appreciative towards us, and I was just astonished on how polite everyone was in this community even though they lived in one full of drug deals, dog fights and crimes.

Based on my personal experience I believe that giving back to people, children and the community as a whole is very important. It is amazing what you can do by just giving back. Your changing lives and putting smiles back on peoples faces who need it the most or haven’t had one in long time. So give back to a community, in the end it could also change your life.

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