I believe that effort is the key to success. By putting your all into every task, goals can be attained much quicker, and your life will improve overall. If you only put in half the amount of effort you have into a task, the task will not be completed to the standards necessary to reach your goals.

I have been a member of the Okemos Varsity Girls’ Lacrosse team for three years. Our goal is to win the State Championships, to show ourselves, our families, and our community our dedication and skill. In order to achieve this goal, we play by the motto, “Earn it Everyday” taken from the US Navy SEALS. This has become who we are, why we play, and how we play.

Throughout the past two years we saw sprints as a punishment, practice as a burden, and losses as negligible. This year, we have come to realize that in order to win the State Championship, we must take advantage of everything we have. So we started coming to practice early, getting warmed up and stretched 15 minutes before practice even started to get right to work when coach is ready. Every time coach says hit the line, we push ourselves and our teammates to put in everything we have, knowing that if we continuously put in the effort, we will become faster and stronger. Now that we have realized what we need to do in order to be successful, every pass is at game speed, every ground ball is swift, every shot is placed. We no longer walk through practice to get through it, we run through practice to get better and reach our goals.

This year I expect that we will reach our goal, or at least, come very close to it. For many years we have competed against Cranbrook in the state semifinals. We had the opportunity to play them earlier in the season. Although the outcome was not ideal, we now know what we must focus on in order to win the next time our teams cross. This year, with our entire team putting in all they have; using practice wisely, studying film, and staying in shape, I fully believe that our goal of beating Cranbrook for the State Title is attainable.

There are counter arguments for this, however. People may argue that if you put you’re all into everything you do, the times where it counts won’t matter nearly as much. I find that argument as a lame excuse for laziness. Putting 100% effort is exhausting, but the rewards are much greater. By giving you’re all in everything you do, goals are more attainable, and life is more enjoyable.

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