I Believe that our differences should be accepted and celebrated

How is everything in the universe categorized? Each holding unique and individual traits, yet connected through experiences and environmental factors, I believe diversity should be celebrated.

I believe our differences are what make us stronger. Conformity is never something I’ve appreciated. It demolishes creativity, and as a mechanism to keep people safe out of fear, it ends up imprisoning expression. I believe everyone takes a different meaning away from life, and no two people experience an occurrence the same way. This is what makes us such a complex community with timeless social changes.

I believe Ignorance is the cause for a lack of peace. Old values can not be followed strictly  to expect change in innovation. I believe people must learn and accept others to grow as a society. I believe one’s sexuality, gender, ethnicity, religion (or nonreligion) and over all  moral compass should not be frowned upon unless it inflicts harm to other beings. While my mom’s side has always been quite liberal, the same can not be said for the side of my dad. Growing up in a conservative home where the Bible was followed strictly, I would often engage in debates with him about what is considered “normal” and acceptable by society’s standards. Of course this would often be frustrating, but it remains a great experience to see how my liberal values conflict and coincide with the conservative views of my father.

I believe happiness is the equivalence to success. Happiness feeds the soul, it’s the driving force behind a exuberant, and active life. I believe along with this, that happiness comes from the people you surround yourself with, and family is however you are so inclined to define it by. In this modern day, it can be a steep task to override the stigmas about success and how this ties into mental health. I believe one of the greatest challenges for America is trying to find a balance between the age old American dream, and when persistent working isn’t the definition of success for everyone.

I believe through all things else, we are tied and connected by nature. Primal instincts feed or soul. They are both beneficial, and catastrophic and result in a complex and diverse society. I believe nobody is above nature, for how can you hold a higher status to something you are connected to?  I believe life does move too fast in modern day society, and there is a lack of connection to the environment. The ideas of both peace, nature, acceptance etc. are fueled by our purpose in this world, which we are once again enlightened by when we transcend into nature.

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September 15, 2017 12:08 am

This is truly beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. I can relate deeply to this because I experience something similar with my own dad. Sitting at my laptop and reading through this, I can’t help but feel guilty for not spending as much time outside as I should. This piece really makes you think.

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