My name is Dominick Martinez and I’m 17 years old. What’s important to know about me is that I am a shy person. I’m half Mexican and half American, I was born in the USA and both my parents were born in Puebla. I’ve never visited the homes that my parents were raised in. I do wish to go visit my parents home one day because I would like to see the environment they were in. Things that I like to do are playing video games and reading. The type of books I like to read are horror and mystery. I like watching horror movies and t.v shows, I also like to go to the park to hang out with my cousins or take my dog for a run, we just run around the whole playground or outside the park, my dog is female and her name is Evolet, she is 2 years old and is pretty energetic most of the time. The school I go to is known as Park Slope Collegiate. This has been my third year in this school and it’s great, but to get here I have to wake up around six o’clock. I’ve made friends here and I don’t have any favorite subject because I like all my classes and the teachers I have in them. When I first came to this school I wasn’t expecting there to be three other schools in the same building, it was kinda surprising. 

My three strengths are I’m a hard worker, I never give up and I’m able to make others laugh, basically I’m a clown.  Whenever something challenging comes up, I always tend to do it on my own instead of asking for help from my teachers. The reason I believe that I can do it on my own and when it becomes hard I always tend to give up but then I just don’t give up, because that will just show me that whenever something challenging comes into my life I’ll just end up giving up. I work hard on my homework and I always do my best to try to turn it in on time but when it’s something like writing an essay it’s late because sometimes I don’t finish it on time but I also want my work to make sense so I’ll add the right amount of information; I want it to be well written. I also tend to work hard on being a big brother because there are times when my parents ask me to take care of my two younger sisters, so I always make sure that they have eaten and that they are safe. When my big brother or sisters are down I always find a way to make them laugh by saying or doing something dumb because I don’t like to see them like that, I try to cheer them up so we can spend time together and laugh together.

My family and I are pretty close we always have each other’s back, we sometimes argue about dumb things like whose turn it is to wash the dishes or to take out the trash. There was this one time when we ended up fighting about something dumb, I can’t remember what it was but I know that we ended up laughing about it, we always get along we love each other. 

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October 18, 2022 4:22 pm

Hi Dominick
I am satisfied with your introduction because i like your working style, never give up
One thing I learned from your writing that stood out for me is about hard working in life I think this is  a good habit because it help us finished things
Your writing connects to my own experience. I used to be a shy person but now i can talk to anyone
Thanks for your work on Youth Voices. I look forward to seeing what you write next because your posts is so interesting

October 18, 2022 4:22 pm

Dear Dominick 
I am interested in  your introduction because you are a nice person.You are a shy person and I liked the shy person because the shy person is soo cute. He loved animals and this is a very good habit. 
One thing I learned from your writing that stood out for me is: “ I’m a hard worker, I never give up and I’m able to make others laugh, basically I’m a clown.” This is an intelligent student. He helped the other students with the work and he is a lovely person. The one good habit is that they are the older brother of two younger sisters and they say that I will take care of my two younger sisters. 
I think that your experience is different from mine and something similar to mine because you have a mixed culture and I have too. However, you are shy and I’m not a shy person.   
My thoughts are that this is a good child for his Mom and Mad because if he helps the people the Mom and Dad of dominick is great because his son is a great workerman and helps the others.

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