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While several countries are continuing to struggle with the task of diminishing COVID-19, several countries are flourishing. This article evaluates five countries with an adequate response, each of which has essentially eliminated the virus, and how they have done it.

Several of the most critical measures that each country needs to take to eradicate the virus are mentioned. The most common between these five countries is “Test, trace, isolate, and treat.” Each of these countries was incredibly strict on enforcing these four steps. They take an aggressive approach to testing, contact tracing, and isolation. In these countries, people were given a certain period of time to prepare for their inevitable quarantine adequately, and then they were mandated to stay locked down.

There were no excuses to get out of the house, see people or spread the disease further. They tested regularly and did proper contact tracing with the people who have contracted the virus. This eventually leads to numbers between single digits and triple digits for each of these countries.

Comparatively, these are outstanding numbers that every other struggling country should hope to achieve. This article shows that failing countries need to be more strict on their contact tracing, mandatory quarantine, and regular testing.

Some might argue that we have been quarantined and that it is not affecting the rising levels of the virus. I say that this is simply not true. We have not been adequately quarantined because there are too many acceptions to the mandates. Those who work with physical labor are allowed to leave the house, those who work at grocery stores are allowed to go, and several others are as well.

To completely eradicate this disease, we need everyone to stay in their own house for at least two weeks. This may seem difficult, but it has worked for several other countries that should be less prepared. We have the resources and the time to do it, and it will save lives.

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