Why does the weeping willow weep?

so gentle and so tender

so slight and slender

it’s frail branches sway

with the rhythmic hum of the wind

in  attempt to find comfort

in attempt to sooth

as if to tell its story

of a lost lover

a lost friend

a loss of something that

once was there

but is no longer

why does the weeping willow weep?

if we listen

we can hear

that weeping willow weep

it’s tails of anguish

and tails of woe

such beauty in the sadness

of that weeping willow

Poem by: Taylor Quillinan

In the past six months or so I have gone through a couple of rough chain of events. previously a relationship was ended with a boy I was seeing. This was the first relationship that I felt was one of legitimacy. I never realized how long the healing process would take. I thought I would be over the whole thing fairly quickly. But, I soon realized that would not be the case. When you truly care about that person and enjoy being with him or her, having that person walk out of your life can be very hard to deal with. Along with all the memories, there are things that you hear and see that remind you of him or her. You think about all the good times you both shared and continue to wish you could live them again. I am still healing.  However, being the person that I am, I try to find the beauty in the mess. I learned a lot about myself and took away some great life lessons as well.

In addition, I recently lost my Grandfather. I still remember the look on my grandma’s face once we told her that her husband has passed away. Though I am still young, dealing with the loss of a family member and having to deal with the aftermath has put me through the most tribulation in my life thus far. I specifically remember standing alone in the church were the funeral was going to take place. The guests were standing in a waiting area right outside the church doors. I was rehearsing the passage I was supposed to read in front of the funeral guests. Then, the piano started to play its song accompanied by the melodic voice of the vocalist. At that moment I lost it. I was overcome by Anguish. I tried to hide my sorrow but there was no place to hide. With the numerous guests waiting just outside the church doors and with guests arriving by the dozen every moment, I felt trapped. However, everything worked out in the end to say the least.

In short I draw on intense emotion to inspire my writing. I have grown fond of the word anguish in that sense. For, I have experienced milestone events of heartbreak. This not to say that I am consumed by sorrow every moment of my life. I am a very happy person.  Although I hate what anguish entails, I love how expressive this word is. I love how it emotes.


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23 days ago

Dear Taylor,
I am touched by your poem “The Weeping Willow,” because it talks about finding comfort after losing it. This poem shows me an image of how it would feel like to have to start something new when you were so comfortable with the past. Some lines that you wrote that really stand out to me are “…in attempt to find comfort in attempt to sooth as if to tell its story of a lost lover a lost friend a loss of something that once was there but is no longer…” I think these are so touching because it’s like this tree lost its rhythm after losing an important aspect of its life. Thanks for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because your poems are so relatable. Change is the main aspect here and I could see that within the first six lines.

Jennifer Mendoza

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