Blurb with no AI

AI is something that I enjoy using, but not all the time, and not when I don’t think that I need to use it. I think that it can be useful, but I don’t see how it’s a necessary thing to use all the time. I think that it’s necessary and important to come up with how to say things on your own without any generated help. Unless you absolutely 100% need to use it for something, I don’t think that it’s needed. I get the whole thing about it being convenient and helpful, however, when it comes to school work, I think people use it too much, and make it seem like they aren’t capable of doing something on their own. Even when using AI to revise and help with essays, you’re going to have to go over it again anyway because it’s not perfect or 100% efficient and I think people forget that, and once something is generated for them, they don’t go back over it and read it. Personally, I also think that it’s just easier to rewrite something that you wrote. I think that it is completely possible to take something and make it better on your own even if it is hard, and people did that before AI was so accessible. Using it on Youth Voices is helpful when you need art that you want to be generated for a specific purpose, but other than that, I don’t think that it’s necessary. Is it helpful? Yes absolutely! Is it necessary? No. (This is not me basing you if you enjoy it. To each their own.)

Blurb with the use of AI

I enjoy using AI, but I believe in using it judiciously. While it has its benefits, I don’t think it’s necessary to rely on it constantly. It’s crucial to develop the ability to express oneself without relying on AI-generated assistance. I feel that unless it’s absolutely necessary, people should rely on their own ability to come up with ideas and solutions. In school, I think people are overly reliant on AI to assist with their work. I can create the impression that they are not capable of producing work without it. Even when using AI to revise essays, it still requires human oversight because it’s not perfect or 100% efficient. People should remember to review 

It is entirely possible to improve something on your own, even if it’s difficult, and people did it before AI became so widely accessible. However, AI can be useful when creating art or other types of content for a specific purpose, such as on Youth Voices. Overall, while AI is helpful, it is not always necessary.

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