Over the past two years countless lives have been changed since the upbringing of the horrific virus, Covid-19. This virus has raised the amount of fear, stress, anxiety, and depression among the whole population, especially university undergraduates (Rodríguez-Hidalgo). Although numerous lives have been affected with nothing being stopped, we as a society need to know how to react, change, and fix this situation as it is becoming more than just a virus, but an immense fear. Normally fear is a natural instinct of a threat, but in recent times fear has become a more common feeling because the Covid-19 Pandemic caused job loss and people isolated at home.

Fear has never been completely unfamiliar to people around the world, but these days fear has become a more ordinary experience (“Working Through Fear”). Although we learn about our natural instincts as human beings, as we grow older, we have come to realize this type of fear is different from the norm. Society has changed over the past two years in growth and development, but also in distress. Majority of people in the world would agree they have become distressed because of these rigorous actions that have to be taken for the safety of us and protection from COVID-19. With the few resources available, especially university undergraduate students, they are beginning to have trouble coping with the issues going on around us (Rodríguez-Hidalgo). People from everywhere around the world are struggling with being able to cope, not just undergraduate students, from being in lockdown to masks to everything being cancelled. Although within the fear of individuals there have been some major improvements our society has made such as being productive, becoming more prepared for unknown circumstances in the future, but most importantly coming together as one.

Although fear is a natural instinct of a threat, the Covid-19 Pandemic has caused a more common feeling of isolation. People have felt the need to hide their fear from society as a way of coping, when in reality the individuals dealing with these everyday issues need to face it. Fear does not stem from one certain situation but the Covid-19 Pandemic has not fixed the situation one bit, instead causing more distress and tension between people. Society needs to change and to do so, we need to overcome this natural instinct, fear.

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