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Lots of people love to listen to their favorite singer/band. Whether they are studying, walking, running, and even when they want to lift their spirits. In the articles “Music and Health” and “The Benefits of Listening to Music” I have learned that music does a lot of good to a person’s mind, spirit, and body. Music has alway been in our lives since birth and will stay until the end. Music can affect many aspects of life. From memory, modd, cardiovascular function, and athletic performance. One of the mental influence is called “Mozart Effect”, meaning an increase in general IQ. Music also allows people to express themselves. When listening to music people take in the lyrics, sounds, and breasts, and relate it to their own life. Music can help with calming people down when they are feeling stressed or anxious. Music therapy is a great example of how listening to music for an hour can help people get into a better/relaxing state of mind. Music has powerful influence on how people view the world. People can find out many things about others though the type of music they hear.



  1. Jessica 3 months ago

    Dear Osiris,

    I was very interested in your post right when I read the title. Music is such an important part of my life; it helps me express who I am and has helped me through many ups and downs. One thing you said that stands out for me is: “Music has always been in our lives since birth and will stay until the end.” I think this is very important because without music, I would not be the same person I am today. Music has shaped me, been an outlet for my emotions, and even gets me ready for any meet or competition that I may be attending. your post reminds me of how I make playlists for any season, occasion, trip, or big event that I might be going to. For example, whenever my team and I go to a big meet, I make a playlist full of pump up music that I listen to on the way to the meet, before my races, or when I’m just resting and getting ready to cheer on my teammates. I make these playlists because I enjoy listening to them again after the event has happened and being flooded with nostalgia and all-around happiness. Music brings me to my happy place and reminds me that there is so much to discover in the future.
    Thank you for your project. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I like how you looked into something as simple as listening to music and shared its great benefits, which ranges from emotionally to physically. This post was very interesting to read about, and many can gain new knowledge because of it.

  2. Madison 3 months ago

    Dear Osiris,

    This post almost immediately caught my eye, especially because listening to music and enjoying it is such a huge part of my life. Though I don’t play any instruments or sing, listening to music—on the way to school, during long homework sprints, and as I fall asleep—is an aspect of my life that increases my general mood. I agree that music has the power to create a positive impact on someone’s mental health, body, and soul. It can lift our moods, and even become a relatable source to turn to, which can be found in the lyrics. Learning about the “Mozart Effect” was really interesting, too. I didn’t know that music could have the ability to raise IQ as well. This post was captivating and interesting to read about, as well as gaining insight on. I look forward to reading your next work!

  3. Lizbeth 3 months ago

    Dear osiris
    I Like your post about Unknown power of music. I agree with you that music can be good for some students. When it comes your playlist it shows your personality.I think music help people concentrate in class and not get distracted by other people.I also think that when people listen to music it help them get there work done on time. Music can also help take off stress and keeps you calm.

  4. Elena 3 months ago

    I really enjoyed reading this. I agree that music is a very important form of expression. i often listen to music when I’m feeling stressed so I enjoyed being able to relate to that. I didn’t know about the “Mozart affect”, but I find that very interesting. I think a playlist tells a lot about a person.

  5. Selena 3 months ago

    I liked your post about the unknown power of music. I agree what you have elaborated about adding a short summary of a proven fact that music does good to a person. When It comes to music, it is everyone’s outlet because they are in their own mind space. Some say that music can also be bad because of the certain artist and what they say in their music that may influence someone to do something. There is some artists out there that made a reputation doing music and it saved their lives. Music has a lot of meaning to it in many ways.

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