The names of the two videos I watched was the Good and Bad Examples of presentation and the TEDs Secret to Great Public Speaking. They can be found here:


I think that Anderson wanted the viewers to understand is that when you’re Presenting in front of and audience you have to be creative by using the mind to think of something that will draw attention. He also wanted the audience to have ideas that will be outstanding and not too confusing. According to my comments I feel that Anderson made some good points on why it is important to have the skill to speak in front of people. The annotations I made was good enough. I agreed that having creativity in mind is important in the education system because that is how  certain individuals maintain focus and to learn things. I learned that being creative can help to navigate the word.


What I learned from the Good and Bad Example presentation video was that when you’re presenting make your to always be prepared  by having all things neat and organized so that when you’re up there you won’t have to look for things and waste time.  I learned to make sure to always turn your phone off before presenting. According to the second video I feel that it is important to have eye contact to let the audience know your serious. I know now not to come unprepared and not to come jeopardising the dress code.


The thought to me having to speak and present in front others in a big deal for me because I get nervous very bad. I think I would pass out in front of lots of people and be laughed at. I would try my best to practice and making sure to have a steady tone of voice and tt not talk fast and make sure to take deep breaths. I would make sure to keep eye contact by looking passed the audience if that helps.


I had an oral presentation when I had to speak in front of my classmates. I was talking about my senior presentation it was some sort of a practice scrimmage and I was so nervous still even though people I knew was in there but still, i just can’t do it. I just get so scared and I start to sweat and my hearts starts to pounds over my voice until I can’t speak anymore.

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