The Truth by Amilia

September 25, 2019


The Truth

This Shadow Box represents my Race, Gender identity, and my Creativity. When people look at me, they see a Black female. Yes, I am a Black female, but I am not only a Black female, I am also mixed with Puerto Rican and Mexican. Many people assume that I’m in a gang or that I am rude because I am Black. The Dominant Narratives I have affects me because to me people assume what I am and then people make it seem like I’m a bad impression. Even though that’s what people see me as I see myself differently. I see myself as a mixed female who is independent and focuses on more important things like grades and school then getting into gangs or fights. I have also chosen to include the yarn to show my creativity because my cousin taught me how to make scarves with yarn and since then I’ve always made scarves with yarn. Many people believe that I am an awful influence because of the color of my skin and music that I listen to out in public but, I’m not an awful influence I actually help people when they need it and I never focus on anything unacceptable like people in public think I do.