Did you know 2 out of 3 children are exposed to trauma and violence                


Do you think that domestic violence is a  problem?             



Background: Have you wondered what is  domestic violence? Domestic violence is when someone has a partner would get mad at you and sometimes they would call you names or hit you or threaten you if you don’t do what they say.also they would have a short fuse and they can’t control their anger and sometimes.Also they don’t mean to hit their partner and sometimes after they have hiten or abuse their partner and they have some space then they would say that they are sorry and say that they would never do what they did ever again but then a few days later they would do what they said that they were not going to do. I got this information from Domestic violence.roundtable.com and thay also tell you what typs of Domestic violence,And here are some,  there’s a lot of different  kinds of domestic violence there is emotional abuse,sexual abuse,financial abuse,psychological abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, mental abuse,&( extra)  these are the most important ones. My argument is children are most affected by violence because children who see or might think it’s okay.


Firstly children who see domestic violence might think it’s okay to do what their parents are doing to each other and maybe when they grow up they would think it’s okay to treat their girlfriend or boyfriend like that. In my research I interviewed an oakland mother because she has been through alot and what I mean is that mother has been abused before and she hasn’t been abused for awhile now so she has been good and the reason why I asked to interview her was because I want people to know her story and how she handled it and to know its not your fault and you just have to be strong and have hope and faith that it would be alright. And one of the questions that I asked was have you ever experienced domestic violence? And my mother answered my question  and her response was “yes I have “and I went back with a follow up question and that was ,if you are causing the violence or was it your partner? And what she also said that it was a mixture of both depending on the reason for the problem” that is what she said about the question that i asked her.also I feel that the reason why people think it’s okay to treat people with so much hurt I just don’t get why they feel so much power that not alright and know some women  really love their boyfriend, or girlfriend but if they really loved you they wouldn’t do that to you because if you really love someone you would not want to hurt them because you love them. If children are seeing this violence happen to their mom or dad regularly, then they might not know right from wrong and think that it’s alright to do what their parents are doing to their future partner.  Also there is another questions that I asked my mother was how would you feel about your  child seeing or hearing the abuse.and my mother said that she would not feel To good about her child seeing that happen to her child and did you know that 2 out of 3 are exposed to trauma and violence. And I think that we should do something about how kids are seeing this.


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February 8, 2017 4:03 am

Hi Angelica,
I enjoyed reading your post. The fact that you gave in the beginning of your post was informative and a great way to capture the readers attention. I agree that children should not be exposed to domestic violence or any type of violence. I can agree with the information you gave because exposing violence to children makes them think that those actions are correct when in reality they are not. Its always important that when actions like these are happening that they don’t happen in front of children. Thank you for sharing your research and for teaching others about the consequences of exposing domestic violence in front of children.

February 8, 2017 3:24 am

Hi Angelica,
I agree that domestic violence between parents can affect their children and their way of thinking. Sometimes, children may also believe that domestic violence can help solve problems between them and their significant other when they grow up based on what they witnessed between their own parents. Children shouldn’t have to live in an environment where domestic violence exist. Instead of abusing their partners, I believe parents should talk about their problems with each other or seek counseling together because violence can not solve problems. In the end, it affects the family’s relationship with each other and the children. I really enjoy reading your post! Thank you!

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