Last weekend I attended a wedding, and one of the brides made an announcement that drew my attention. She said that the guests were free to use either bathroom, based on which one they were comfortable with. And what struck me even more was she said, “And if you’re uncomfortable, deal with it, because transgender people are uncomfortable facing this issue every day.” As a non-transgender person, she’s right: I never have to think about that when I walk into a bathroom, but for the thousands of transgender people out there, they do.

The article, “Transgender people should use bathroom of gender they identify as, US urges” says, “A person who identifies as a man should be permitted to use men’s bathrooms, and a person who identifies as a woman should be permitted to use women’s restrooms.” I completely agree. In my opinion, this topic should simply be common sense. Everyone deserves to live freely without discrimination. Why do we deserve the authority to restrict people from being comfortable living as the gender they choose?

On the other hand the article, “The imaginary predator in America’s transgender bathroom war” quotes those on the opposing side who say: “Male perverts and pedophiles disguised as women (faux transgender people) will troll women’s bathrooms and sexually assault our wives and daughters.” Frankly, I find this thought to be absurd. If someone is actually a pervert, they’re not going to let those tiny bathroom signs determine if they’re going to be a pervert or not. Transgender people aren’t entering bathrooms in an attempt to assault people, they’re entering bathrooms to use the bathroom as the gender they’re comfortable with. If you still disagree with me and find it uncomfortable to share bathrooms with transgender people, then the only advice I have for you is to just maybe not use public restrooms.



  1. Ciara 4 years ago

    Cami, this is a very insightful post and i agree with it completely, your argument is concise and interesting. As a genderqueer person, i find it heartwarming that so many people are supportive.

  2. Blake 4 years ago

    The argument with the bathrooms is not that “allowing people to use the bathroom of their choice, perverts will suddenly start entering bathrooms,” but it is that allowing anyone to used any bathroom will allow perverts to sexually assault women easier by just saying “I feel like a female today.” I know that the signs on a walls are not force fields that will stop criminals from doing their horrible deeds, (This is why I am against gun free zones) but giving in to this will make it easier for them to sexually assault their victims.

    • Yuka 1 year ago

      Hi Blake, I understand where you’re coming from and as a woman, I do fear this situation. But, and I know it’s not the best way to compare with other topics, think of it this way: the percentage of a person of color committing a crime is higher. I know the more appropriate way to say this is that the poor commit more crimes but most of the poor consist of people of color because of America (which we can go on and on about but let’s lead that aside for now,) resulting in the unavoidable statistics “people of color commit more crime.” But, should we limit their individual rights just because it is statistically proven that way?

  3. Daniela 4 years ago

    Cami, I thought your post was very insightful and it’s something that is happening. Many people are strongly against this or strongly agreeing with you. I agree with you 100%. I think this situation has gotten bigger because of the amount of stores that have released information about the bathroom situation. Everyone deserves equality; and equality means using whichever bathroom you want to use. I think its only certain people who have this issue and really its not an issue. If people are having an issue with this, easy answer: don’t use a public bathroom. Unfortunately this is still more work to be done to fix this.

  4. Andrew 4 years ago

    I really love the fact that stuff like this is coming more into the light and being more accepted by society. I think these are people that need equality and have a tough time in society as it is, so getting this figured out will be a huge step forward. I think there are many ways these problems can be resolved, even as simple as adding in a “gender-neutral/inclusive” bathroom for anyone to use. This is a topic that needs more discussion and I’m glad you brought it up! Great Job!

  5. Rachel 4 years ago

    Cami, I agree with you 100%. This issue is something that was recently brought more into the light after Target released information on their bathroom situation a few months ago. Since then, this topic has been quite controversial. As a non-transgender person, I have no problem being allowed to use public restrooms. This is something I definitely take for granted. But for transgender people, they are frequently put in uncomfortable situations or denied the right to use a public restroom. I do believe that our society is moving in the right direction by allowing more transgender people to chose the restroom that they identify with, but there is unfortunately a lot of work to still be done.

  6. Thaarini 4 years ago

    Your post is very open and I support it very strongly. I like your comment about how perverted men won’t be stopped by small bathroom signs so you can’t use that argument to keep transgender people out. But if this is the mindset, how can we work to change this? What can be done to change the way we treat LGBT people? Why are people still treating them in such a manner in 2016? I love how powerful your argument is, keep going with it Cami!

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