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Macario, the protagonist in “The Third Guest” by B. Traven, has a few traits that influence his relationships with others.

One, he is hard working. Two,he is businesslike. Three, he is happy. These traits influence his relationships with others. We can see this in a passage from the story: Macario’s wife sees how her husband is a hard working man. He puts a roof over them and works to earn money for him and his family. After Macario cured his son he started a business for curing all the ill people and earning money also. He was happy he was making good money and living in a house with nice clothes and items and the turkey. 

“Realizing how good a husband he was, how hard he worked to keep the family going, how much he, in his own way, loved her and children.” 

 Happiness comes into play here soon when Macario, after he sees his wife give him the turkey he always wanted to eat, he was too excited to eat it and then he was making good money by curing people with his magic medicine and living a fancy life. Later, on page, the bone man interacts with Macario, basically giving him a magic water bottle telling him whenever he cures a person he will let him know he can or cannot cure them by standing next to the feet or head. 

“If you see me standing at your patient’s feet just put one drop of your

medicine into a cup or glass of fresh water, make him drink it and before two days are gone he will be all alright again, sane and sound for a good long time to come.But if you see me standing at your patient’s head, do not use the medicine for it, you see me standing, thus he will die no matter what you do and regardless of how many brilliant doctors attempt to snatch him away from me.”Macario’s response here deepens a reader’s sense of his friendship with the bone man, and sparks a feeling of compassion because he cares if someone got sickness and he will love to help others or be trusted since he thought they were friends and does everything the bone man tell him what he should do with the medicine .

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