Malala Yousafzai named after a folk hero Malala set out to change the world as it was. The society she Malala lived in was controlled by bad people. They forced the girls to stay home and did not let him go to school or participate in any type of education. Zitkála-Šá, was an activist, author, and educator, who fought against the Americanization of Native nations. Born in Yankton Indian Reservation in South Dakota but at the age of 8, she went to a Boarding school.  A comparison of Malala Yousafzai and zitkala sa reveals that these two are strong and Independent women who wanted rights and a fair shot at education for their people.

     Even though they live 100 years apart from each other.  They both grew up in different cultures and environments; they both wanted the same things for their people. Malala was born to a working-class family. Her Village was controlled by bad people where girls were no longer able to go to school. She was not gonna let that stop her from getting a fair shot at education for her and her Village girls. So She wrote about her world, what it had become and what it could be. She spoke out against the hate. She spoke for mothers, sisters, and daughters. They attacked her to stop her from spreading the word of equality for the people of her Village. zitkala sa went to a boarding school run by American missionaries at the age of 8. She fought against the Americanization of Native nations. She was bullied by her teacher at the boarding school when the teacher cut her hair as soon as she came into the school. After school, she fought against the Americanization of her beautiful native land and she wrote books and spread the word of what was going on by writing.

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