The stress of High School ! by Perla

May 13, 2022


The stress of High School !

In the article, “High School stress ” (McGraw Hill) i learn that student have been going through so much stress because of all the work that teachers give them or how they manage to get good grades. how finals can be one of the biggest stressful things ever, student want to do stuff that doesn’t make them lose energy or make lose interest in school. i truly believe that schools is the main reason why student have the most stress or losing their mindset and the lack of sleep because of school, i would say that student should consider their student mental health instead of grades and test/ homework.

This would be a big issue and it should be fixed. the way that their student actions or how they show up to school should be a way to know that they been going stress and need a break and teacher should be the ones to release some stress . i may be just a student but i do feel a big weight on teacher always wanting to put so much work on our back and not letting us get a break it can be one of the biggest ways to make my mental health to get wrose.

Tell me what do you think why student are stressing out is it because of school?