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In a time when so many hateful words are spread like wildfire, music seems like the only calm in the storm. People find solace in the comfort of music for many reasons: to improve their mood, to get away from the noisiness of life, for a sort of familiarity or nostalgia. The list goes on and on. Then there are the artists: those who find peace in making their feelings and words come alive through their music.

At the end of the day, music is something that has touched the human race for centuries. It is something that brings people together, helps people to heal, and allows us to understand each other on a deeper level. On the “This is My Brave” show, featured speaker Kevin says this: “I have seen music do powerful things that no politician can do. I have seen music unite people who hate each other, and I have seen music form instant connections with total strangers.”

Why is it, though, that music is able to have such an effect on us? This is because it allows the artist to use words and instruments to speak relatably and touching stories and messages, and it does this in a mostly peaceful manner. In his article, David Rothenberg states, “Singing takes language and pulls the most possible feeling out of it.”

Some people might classify music as the closest thing to magic since no other form of words can cause us to feel the same way as music can. It possesses its own uniqueness and effect on the human race compared to books, talks, and such.

Another thing that Kevin, a rap artist  says on the “This is My Brave” show is, “I feel I have a gift and a responsibility to use my voice, my power, my words, and my music to represent the struggles and the turmoil I have lived through.” Just as music might be a therapeutic and growing experience for the artist it just as well can do the same for the listener.

Overall, using music to speak ideas, stories and messages is, and will forever be, one of God’s greatest gifts to the humankind. 

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November 24, 2020 12:43 am

Hi Evelyn,

I really enjoyed this whole post about Music and the effect it has on people. As a person who enjoys listening to music and connects to it I highly agree. I made friends because of similar music taste and different ones as well. Music also helps me calm down in tough situations and makes me feel at peace and calm. so I really like how you also add the perspective of an artist as well.

November 16, 2020 4:18 pm

I really liked your blog post because it expressed how we can relate to music and that it comforts people during a time when hate is spread all around us. It is important for us to find that comfort in difficult times. You also mention that music can create unity among people and allow us to understand each person. When you say this, it emphasizes the fact that music brings people together no matter who you are and it unites us as one society.

November 15, 2020 8:06 pm

I really loved your blog post because it helps draw attention to how music speaks ideas and stories to us through the ability of language. I love how you selected songs that draw attention to yourself as well because it connect us to your view on things as well.

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