My name is Mia Dayanara Alejandro De la Torre, and my nickname is Chinita or sometimes China. This is because I had almond-shaped eyes, and when I was a child, it looked like I was Chinese. I like my name and my nickname. Normally in Ecuador, you use your first last name which is the paternal surname. Something that I found funny was that my family told me that during the months I was in my mother’s belly they had not thought about my name until one and a half weeks before I was born. They were very undecided about what name to give me. 

When I was born, the doctors and my parents were worried that I didn’t have eyes, because since my eyes were very upturned, it seemed as if I didn’t have them. The doctor actually asked my mother to take me to the hospital in a week to see if everything was fine with my eyes. Yes it was, it was just that they were very small. and because I have oblique eyes my parents wanted to change my name to “Shizuka” which is also from a Japanese anime series, but in the end, they didn’t do it, I have no idea why.

I like my nickname and they gave it to me because my eyes are slanted. I like it because it sounds very cute. Some friends also call me a ‘’pulga’’  because I am small compared to them. 

I also have an uncle who called me “Japan” because of my physical appearance when I was little.  

Something about me is that when I was little my relatives or acquaintances made jokes about my name like “Mia is mia”. Also, when I was little a cousin was born a year after me and they also named her Mia. So as not to confuse us at my great-grandmother’s house, when they called us, they called us “Mia chocolate” to refer to my cousin, since she is black and to refer to me they called me “Mia leche”. It may sound a bit ugly, but they did it in a “tender” way. You could say I don’t have many stories about my name, but those are the ones I can remember. 

My last name De la Torre is originally from Spain, since Ecuador was colonized by the Spanish that is why they gave it the last name, also my paternal last name Alejandro, very rare and distributed throughout Spain, is old in Italian families.

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