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Natalie is my name and I am a high school student in Austin, TX. Something you should know about me is that family is everything. I live with my mom and my big brother, who I believe is really smart. Three years ago I was faced with the challenge to move away from my previous home of Brownsville to a new life in Austin. I feel as though this move has made me less close to the family and friends who shaped my life. Now I live 6 hours away from my tias, tios, primas, and my dad. Brownsville was my home for 14 years and Austin for the last three years. I miss Brownsville so much.

I don’t really like school, though if I had to pick one subject that I enjoy it would be science. I think the study of the Earth and stars in really interesting. I am pretty good at reading. My mom has a master’s in reading, so she has taught me a lot.

One aspect of the survey that I think is important is the topic of dropping out of high school. In my family, my dad was a dropout. Even though he dropped out, my dad makes a lot of money and is successful in his career. However, he’s always tells me that I have to go to college because he has to work hard and he doesn’t really like his job. So, he thinks that if I go to college then it will be easier on me to find a job. That way, I won’t have to struggle like he did in the past.

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April 22, 2019 6:12 pm

Hi Natalie, we go to the same school. I think your paragraph about yourself is unique. I notice that you posted your natal chart. your sun is in Leo and your moon is in Sagittarius and your mercury in is in Virgo. Which Virgo is my sun sign. I was wondering are you interest in astrology as I am.and you sound like a strong person to have moved from place that made you whole.

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