The Sky is Going to Kill Me by Ella

October 16, 2021


The Sky is Going to Kill Me

The sky is going to kill me
 at 12:35 tomorrow
I know because the trees have told me
Great sequoia and sapling oak
creaking voices heavy with prophecy
"Stay inside"
The flowers beg
heads bent forward with tears
Bleeding hearts and winding white honeysuckle,
"Stay inside"
The insects counsel me
Sleepy cicada and fragile monarch
"Hibernate until the wind forgets,
until the sun burns out its fury,
until the clouds turn their anger on another"
But I know the sky will never forget
even the rivers and the hills know this
I cannot spend my life tucked away,
hiding and afraid
"Do not cry for me"
I tell them
Voice like earthquakes and mountains
"I have stood before many storms
I have braved time and tide and man
So let it try
Let it try to take me"
And I step out into the sun
And dare the sky to try and shake me