The Sioux and the government treaty by Emily

November 10, 2021


The Sioux and the government treaty

Throughout history, the continuous cycle of Native Americans and the US government have had a conflict throughout most of history. This is because when America created Manifest Destiny they were consumed with greed. Even with America’s bad history towards minorities this still continues to happen in a microaggressive way. These Native Americans were affected by the pipelines that were trespassing against their sacred grounds. When they had an agreement not to, this caused many protests with the Sioux people. They were assaulted for protecting their grounds and weren’t able to do much but mess with the pipelines.

Do you think they should have built the pipelines around or through the Native American land?

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I think this is an issue that still needs to be fixed because of the constant harassment that keeps happening with Native Americans. Even when minorities are targeted nobody seems to do much about it because the US tries to cover it up by providing them with resources they’re stripped from. Even if they do help it’s only for their own benefit because they only give these Native Americans English-based classes making it harder for them to connect with their culture.

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