I believe that the safety pin movement is a good thing for many reasons. The safety pin movement is starting to bring the American people together. America is finally starting to act like a strong country and standing up together to make a change for something they feel should be acknowledged. There is no violence involved in this movement just a simple pin saying yes I see the problem so now lets take a stand. Some American people are scared for the future knowing that Donald trump is the new president and have the right to be, to not know weather or not you will ever be able to see your family again just because of your race or religion is a very scary thing. The movement is for these people to tell them this is a safe place  and also you do have someone in your corner fighting this fight with you. There are some who don’t stand for this movement as well and see this as not nessecery or “embarrassing”  I am  here to say not at all is this the case, when did it become right for people to be racist or have a discrimination against a certain person? This is the right way to stand up and have a voice where some may feel they have no voice this is a great movement and should become much more then it already is the person who first started this should have an award because this is very unique and powerful!





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