While creating this animation, I went through a series of steps that helped make it as good as possible. First, before I even started working on this project, I created a few simple animations on Scratch (the program I used) in order to familiarize myself with it, so as to make it easier for me to navigate through it fast and easily while creating the animation. I then wrote a schedule for myself to plan out my time each day, so I would not get overworked or procrastinate. I followed this schedule throughout my project. Next I wrote a complete script of the animation, which included settings, scripts, and movements for each character. After this I created storyboards of each of my acts using Storyboard That, which helped me further plan out the animation, and develop everything further and have a sense of what the animation would be like. I then set out to create the actual animation, which took a lot less time than if I didn’t write the script and create the storyboards. In completing this process, I managed to make an animation to the best of my ability faster and more efficiently.




Artemis Christoforatos October 18, 2016

BSGE 7-2

Animation Project

Act 1:

[Outside of a school. It is dismissal. A mother appears on stage with a little girl.]

Christina: So how was your day honey? Did you have fun at school? [To Katie]

Katie: Yes! I was playing with my best friend, Samantha! We said that we would be best friends forever and ever and ever! [Excited. Talking to Christina.]

Christina: That’s great honey! [Sounding tired. Talking to Katie.]

Katie: Look! There she is, Mommy! Let’s go say hi![Talking to Christina.]

Christina: Ok. [To Katie.]

[Drags Christina to another little girl and her mother. The mother is talking to a teacher.]

Katie: Hi Sammie! This is my mommy. [Talking to Samantha.]

Samantha: Hi! I’m Sammie. My mommy is talking to Ms. Flora now. [Talking to Christina.]

Christina: Pleased to meet you Sammie. [Talking to Samantha.]

Elena: [To teacher] Ok. Goodbye! [Turns around facing Christina and the girls.]

Sammie: Look! This is my mommy. [Talking to Christina and Katie.]

Katie: Mommy, this is Sammie’s mommy. Sammie’s mommy, this is my mommy. [To Christina and Elena.]

Christina: Yes, yes. I am Katie’s mother. [ Talking to Elena.]

Elena:  I am Samantha’s mother. I am sorry, but we have to get going now. [Talking to Sammie.]

Samantha: Noooo! [To Elena.]

Elena: We have to go to ballet now. You will see Katie tomorrow. [Mad. To Samantha. Drags a screaming Samantha away.]

[Elena and Samantha leave the stage.]

Katie: [Looks at Christina. Talks to Christina.] Mommy, are you ok?

Christina: I’m fine. We have to leave too. [Talks to Katie.]

Katie: Ok. [To Christina.]

[Christina and Katie walk of the stage.]

[Background changes to a living room. It is night outside now. Christina is sitting on a chair and her cousin is standing in front of her.]

Christina: I still can’t believe that Katie’s best friend is Elena’s daughter. I didn’t even know she had a daughter. After what happened that day in college, it was like she didn’t exist for me anymore. All I knew is that she was engaged to Tony. At least until now… [Talking to George.]

George: I think that you’re over exaggerating. [Talking to Christina.]

Christina: [Ignoring George.] How is this possible? How could Elena be living in the same town as us? How can her daughter be going to the same school as Katie?

George: Ok, you know what? You need to relax.

Christina: Don’t you understand the severity of the situation? Katie and Elena’s daughter are best friends! [Yelling at George.]

George: How is this bad? [To Christina.]

Christina: [Yelling at George.] This is very bad! I will have to see her so much more! Katie will be interacting with her and her daughter! They will brainwash her!

George: [To Christina.] Ok. Now you are just getting irrational. Look. You need to talk things over with Elena. Make up. Organize a play date between Katie and Sammie. What happened in the past doesn’t matter. It was stupid then, and it is even stupider now. I am sure Tony agrees. It is pointless just going on like this. Besides, you don’t want to make Katie sad. [Standing up.] Now I am going to watch the Mets game. I suggest that you go to sleep. You will think more clearly in the morning.

Christina: [Calming Down. To George.] You might be right. I’ll tell Katie to tell Sammie about a playdate.

George: See? I am right. Goodnight honey. [To Christina. Walks off stage.]

Christina: Yes, yes. Goodnight. [To George. Stands off and walks off the stage.]

[Outside of a school. Dismissal time.]

Chrisina: [To Katie.] Did you ask Sammie about the play date?

Katie: [To Christina.] Yeah! Sammie said that her mommy wants to have a play date too, on Saturday at the park at 2. I told her that we would be there!

Christina: [To Katie.] Good job honey! I guess we are having a play date with Sammie tomorrow, then!

Act 2:

[A park with some benches. Katie and Christina are walking. Elena and Samantha are already there.]

Katie: [Walks on Stage. Continues waking. To Christina. Excited.] We are seeing Sammie today! Yay!

Christina: [To Katie.] Look! There they are!

Samantha: [Runs to Samantha. To Samantha.] Hello! Let’s play!

Katie: [To Samantha] C’mon!

[Katie and Samantha run off the stage and Christina and Elena approach each other.]

Christina: Hey. [To Elena.]

Elena: Hello. [To Christina. Equally Cautiously.]

Elena: I had better go. We had better get back to the kids. We don’t want them getting lost. [To Christina. Panicking.]

Christina: George is with them. They are safe. Please talk with me. Listen to me. I want us to be friends, Elena.[To Elena.]

Elena: [To Christina.] What?!?

Christina: [To Elena. Quietly.] You heard me. I forgive you.

Elena: [Surprised. To Christina.] You-you do?

Christina: [To Elena. A little louder.] I was never mad at you. Since the second you left that night, I regretted everything.

Elena: [Stronger. Hysterically. To Christina.] I thought you were mad at me! I was avoiding your anger, and my guilt!

Christina: [Surprised. To Elena.] Why would I be mad at you?

Elena: [To Christina.] We copied each other’s work in college and only you got caught and had the consequences?

Christina: [To Elena.] I knew the consequences as well as you. I deserved what I got. You were lucky, and you stopped after that, too.

Elena: [To Christina. Softly.] Ok.

Christina: [To Elena. Confidently. Smiles.] So, friends?

Elena: [To Christina. Backs away from Christina. Softly] Wow. I would love to, but…

Christina: [Stops smiling. To Elena.] But what?

Elena: [Softly, to Christina. Continues backing away. I don’t know if I can forgive myself.

[Walks off stage.]

Christina: [To Elena’s retreating body. Yells.] NO! Wait! Please! The-the kids! What will you tell them? [Starts chasing Elena, then quickly falls back. Stares at the space where Elena left and sighs.]

Act 3

[Christina and George are in a room discussing Elena and if she will agree.]

Christina: [To George.] Do we have everything?

George: [Smiles. To Christina.] Yup.

Christina: [Anxiously. To George.] What about the M&Ms? We need to put in extra, remember?

George: [Laughs. To Christina.] Of course.

Christina: [Relieved. To George.] Remember, keep them away from the kids. I am depending on them to convince Elena. Of course, I doubt that she will be able to hold a grudge against me for so long, after Saturday. [Laughs.]

George: [To Christina. Tone becomes serious.] I really hope she won’t. For the kids, as well. I hate to see them sad.

Christina: [To Christina.] I know. [Tone becomes lighter.] Well, we better get going. C’mon Katie!

Katie: [Angry. To Christina.] Coming!

[Background changes to a park- a grassy area. Christina and Elena are standing next to each other.]

Elena: {To Christina]. Hi…

Christina: [To Elena.] Hello. I’m glad you came. I wasn’t sure you would. Here, have some M&Ms.

Elena: [To Christina.] Ok. So how are you?

Christina: [To Elena.] Great… What about you?

Elena: [To Christina.]  Well, hopefully my schedule is full.  We have to organize something else for Katie and Sammie, and also Sammie wants to invite Katie to her birthday party next Friday. Everyone will be there, including the parents. Do you want to come? And we will just have to get together some time, for lunch or something, just the two of us. We have a lot of catching up to do.

Christina: [To Elena.] Wait. Does this mean-

Elena: [Stronger. To Christina.] Yup..

Christina: [Excited. To Elena.] But-You said-

Elena: [Smiles. Interrupts Christina.] I know what I said.  But I thought about it, and I think we should try. Not just for us, but for the kids, too. They are best friends. We wouldn’t want them to not play with each other anymore just because their mothers don’t get along.

Christina: [Happily yells. To Elena.] Yes! I knew you would come through, eventually! I’m free next Saturday! What about you?

Elena: [To Christina.] Me too! What time?

[Sound and image fades away. Screen turns to black and “The End is written in big letters across it.]


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