The biological world is a rich and colorful, vibrant world, the eagle striking the sky, the fish gliding, the flowers blossoming, the trees vying for glory. What ties so many different creatures together? What are the forces that bind so many strange creatures together?

The relationship between living things is both close and combative.
They are close because both plants and animals live in nature. The “space chain” links plants and animals together, plus abiotic factors such as water, soil, temperature, sunlight, and air, to form the biosphere on the earth’s surface. The biosphere is the general term for all life on the earth’s surface and the natural environment with which it interacts. In the biosphere, there is a constant exchange of matter and energy between living things and the environment, thus establishing a dynamic balance relationship, which is the ecosystem.

They struggle because no living thing can live without organic matter and energy. Green plants can through photosynthesis, the synthesis of water and carbon dioxide store energy organic matter, to meet the needs of people and animals for organic matter and energy life. So, green plants are autotrophs, people and animals are heterotrophs. Therefore, in the whole biological world, only green plants are producers of organic matter and energy, and people and animals are consumers.

There are contradictions and struggles between producers and consumers, which form another link between organisms — “food chain”.
There are countless “food chains” in nature, which are made up of various links. All the relationships of all living things are based on the “food chain”. The tiger eats the deer, the deer eats the grass; The owl eats the field-mouse, and the field-mouse eats the rice; Spiders eat brown rice lice, brown rice lice eat rice, and so on.

These biological links are inseparable from green plants, this is a direct relationship. And feed on animals, such as frogs eat insects, the snake swallowed a frog, it is the relationship between the consumer, but also the indirect feed on plants, in nature, this kind of direct and indirect relations, often make the “food chain” cross-connection, make up the food chain network, make nutritional relationship between biological, becoming more complex.

Having found the biological link — “food chain”, human beings can use it to make the creatures better serve human beings. Sparrows not only eat rice, but also eat pests, and without sparrows to kill the pests, the pests may destroy much more crops than the sparrows eat. This is the complexity of the food chain. Man is an important component of the biosphere, and can use the “food chain”, but also by the “food chain” constraints.

Some of the pollutants discharged into the natural world directly make people sick, while others enter the “food chain” to harm people. It can be seen that the “food chain” is not only an objective natural phenomenon but also closely related to human beings.

In terms of the history of animal evolution, man evolved from apes, the most advanced primate, but, after all, man is different from animals. People have developed brains, consciousness, can think about problems, make tools to work, especially through language and words for cultural and scientific and technological exchanges.

Therefore, in the biosphere, man can make use of nature and transform nature, which no animal can do. Of course, this special talent of man is formed in the long-term production labor practice, and it is improved with the continuous improvement of production tools and the continuous development of social productivity. When human beings lived in primitive society and lived a life of gathering and hunting, their influence on nature was not great.

Since the invention of fire and tools, it has had a significant impact on nature, especially with the continuous development of modern industry and science and technology, and it is only on an unprecedented scale that man has extracted the natural resources he needs from nature. That’s one thing. However, on the other hand, due to the limitation of human knowledge and the influence of human factors, the “food chain” of nature is constantly changed, and even the ecological balance is destroyed, that is, the environment in which human beings live is destroyed, so that human beings suffer from the revenge of nature.

Therefore, since human beings know the relationship between living things and living things, living things and non-living things in nature, they should protect nature, master the laws of nature, make nature not damaged, and make human beings and nature unified.



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