Today is a big day for me and my queen, the most beautiful woman alive; Dee. She always told me that she wishes she could be a public figure one day, so this is a big opportunity for her. Dee had been invited as a guest on the TV show called…Dr phil, if I recall right along with her family (her sister and her mother) but she doesn’t know that they are it’s a suprise, they haven’t talked for years now so this an opportunity to bound together again since their last argument over some stupid quilts.

We arrived at the studio at 5pm. Even though the show was starting at 8pm people was already rushing to get inside. Two members of the staff came and escorted Dee and I inside in front of all these people like we were celebrities or something well I am used to that, money can get you anywhere you know. Once inside the staff took away Dee from me for the make up, microphone and all these stuff while they places me at a comfortable seat in front.

After a few hours of waiting, the studio was starting to get packed you could hear people murmuring out lot. From time to time, I would have a quick peek backstage just to see if Maggie and her mother have arrived. Then finally Dr.Phil showed up with his weird gait not even matching with the background music. “Welcome ladies and gentlemen today with are going to have a special guest who is going too talked about her family and how they help her become who she is today. Ladies and gentlemen make some noise for Dee” said Dr Phil with enthusiasm and the crowd went nuts. And there was Dee beautiful as always with this red dress looking like it was manufactured with the shape of her body, she was intoxicating.

Dr.Phil and Dee were chatting back and forth when Dee said “I think I’m curse sometime”. The mood of the studio changed the crowd looked confused and Dee’s facial expression was let me know that this phrase didn’t come out right.

“What do you mean ?” asked Dr.Phil with a curious look on his face.

“Well it’s complicated but my family wasn’t always here for me and I wish they were here today.” said Dee with tears on her face but those tears weren’t real I know Dee, I know when she plays the victim.

7Dr.Phil leaned on the back of his chair, fixed the camera and said, “Well you are right…Lady and Gentlemen welcome on stage Dee’s mother and Maggie” the crowd was reaching climax meanwhile Dee looked concerned as if she had been deceived or tricked into an ambush. Maggie had this long brown old dress with her face down she intimidated as always…by the crowd perhaps but Step Mom had a blue navy dress she seemed confident, humble but confident

“Well I guess my dream came true! I’ve always dreamed of a day where we will be together like today and talk about how she really feels about each other” said Step Mom with a shy smirk covering her nervousness by converted it into happiness.

And out of nowhere we heard “I hate my family, I hate them for two reasons. One, because God mistakenly drop me in this middle class neighborhood even though I am not entitled to this lifestyle, I definitely deserve more and the second reason is because they are happy. Since I was a child I was always the one that everyone liked. I was cute, I had long hair and Uhmm…my skin had this milky complexion and still due today but I feel like a princess with a banal castle. Even with my assets and beauty i’ve never come to understand why I felt this emptiness inside my heart while they(my family) felt self sufficient despite their unattractive figure, they had this special something that I couldn’t get a hand on.” shouted Dee with anger and tears.

“But your sister and I were always her for you” said Step Mom apparently she was trying to cheer her up.

“Maggie is the one I hate the most, with her shy looking appearance people always notice her somehow and plus Mommy like her more. She is beautiful…I mean inside since her scars is one of her insecurities but…she is happy.” continued Dee “you never paid attention to me unless I ask you pay something a bit expensive so you ruin the church’s piggy bank one more unlike Maggie.”

“ohhhhhhh” gasp the crowd with resentment.

“But I always admired you” Maggie said still head down, twisting her finger with a voice almost impossible to hear without the microphone. “I always wished I was like you, in fact I was proud to tell people you’re my sister but they wouldn’t believe me. You are so smart and beautiful. My dream was to be able to go shopping with you one day but you always seem distant but no matter what I am grateful to have a sister like you.”

And for the first time I saw the look of mercy in Dee’s eyes. She walked toward Maggie and asked“do you really meant was you said ?”

“Yes!” said Maggie and Dee hugged Maggie with a waterfall running down her cheek.

“I sorry mommy during all these years I never thought I was distance I always blame you while you tried to make me happy I valued materials over my family but now I have the real treasure. love you” said Dee .

The crowd went crazy when the three hugged each other. This was the first time a true story finished well on a TV show.

A few months later, Dee and I moved to the house next to her family house so that our children can see their grandmother.

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September 19, 2021 8:25 am

Dear Isaac,
I am flattered by your work, it’s really interesting, it has a lot of potential work that makes sense, your article, “The “Reality” show” because things got in hand. Things are great and really beautiful. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “This was the first time a true story finished well on a TV show.” I think this is the flattering way because it makes sense when you read it, and it makes sense. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because appearing to the people the story ended well. When it’s all good there is more to come. Sincerely Flores.

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