When working with the Al generator, I got exactly what I was looking for. It was working, but I just wanted to play with it for a little while and see if refreshing it would produce a different essay. I thought this was a cool idea to get essays from; it really showed me just how much the Internet works.

The use of offensive language is often met with punishments, as it can be seen as disrespectful and hurtful towards those who are targeted. In the case of the F-word, using this word is seen as an attack on those who identify as LGBTQ+ and is not accepted. On the other hand, people who use slurs against people who are not LGBTQ+ are not usually met with the same consequences, which allows for further discrimination against these individuals. 

One quote from the comments that speak to this issue is, “Why should people get in trouble for saying the F-word, but the people that call the people that aren’t homosexual not get in trouble for it?” This quote illustrates the unequal treatment of those who are and aren’t LGBTQ+ when it comes to using offensive language, as people are held accountable for using the F-word, but not for using slurs against those who are not LGBTQ+. The unequal treatment of these two groups shows that the idea of acceptance of diversity is not fully achieved, which presents a barrier to true equality. 

Another quote from the comments that speaks to this issue is, “Why did he have to mention the “folks” before him, they don’t have nothing to do with him?” This quote speaks to the idea of acceptance of diversity, as it implies that the speaker does not want to recognize or identify with the people he is speaking about. This quote demonstrates that there is still a lack of understanding and openness towards different identities, which further perpetuates the idea of unequal treatment. 

These quotes demonstrate that there is a lack of acceptance of diversity in our society, and that people are not held equally accountable for their use of offensive language. This reinforces the idea that there is still a significant amount of discrimination and unequal treatment of those who are and aren’t LGBTQ+, and that more progress is needed in order to achieve true equality. What is still a mystery in the text is why people still use offensive language towards those who are not LGBTQ+ and why those people are not held accountable for their words in the same way as those who use the F-word. As I continue reading, I am looking forward to learning more about how we can work towards a more equitable society where everyone is treated with respect and understanding.

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May 2, 2023 2:22 pm

Salome, I agree with you that when using AI you always got what you were looking for and I really like how you add an example of you using AI. Something that can improve your comment is making it clear where you showing us the example. I wanted to put out that you using a quote for one of the examples of AI is a great way to show it works in many different methods.

May 2, 2023 2:08 pm

I can tell your comments express your feelings greatly. The author’s way of creating work is unique and it seems like he doesn’t care about what he writes.

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