The Pros and Cons of Working as a Veterinarian by Stephanie

August 30, 2021


The Pros and Cons of Working as a Veterinarian

In the article, “Veterinarian” by McGraw Hill, I learned that working as a veterinarian has a lot of pro’s and con’s to it. Working as a Veterinarian is known to be a fun working experience because of the fact that you are able to work with animals all the time. Though you might think there are a lot of pros to this job, there are also a lot of cons that come along with it. A veterinarian’s job can be so amazing and fulfilling, not because you get to work with animals every day but because you get to save their lives as well. Knowing that you were able to give an animal another chance at life makes you feel proud and accomplished but also, vets go through a lot when not being able to save a life. They go through something called “ moral distress”-a tension between what they are asked to do, and what they know to be right-, sometimes even depression and this can really affect one’s mental health. So vets nowadays are being taught how to deal with moral distress as well as learning how to focus on self-care. 

What would you do to prepare yourself to become a veterinarian?x

Personally I have always wanted to become a vet but I would’ve never thought that vets go through moral distress and sometimes depression. All I knew was that I’d be working with animals and helping them become better. It’s amazing how they are now trying to prevent vet’s from going through this by teaching them self-care and learning how to deal with moral distress.  Knowing now what they go through, I am now aware of what I need to do to prepare myself for the future as I try to become a vet.