This is a normal story, dont expect anything really interesting.

Choez and Tenz are “best friends.” Then one day, Tenz gets really mad that Choez is always better than her, and starts to spread a rumor that Choez is cheating on her tests. People start to not like her. Choez finds out that Tenz is the one behind it, and starts to go tell on her. But then someone already tattle-tailed on them. The teacher comes, and then “grounds” Tenz from watching Kpop, or K-dramas, or listening to kpop. Tenz is devastated, because she feels that she will not be able to live.

I was able to make this digital story by first coming up with the story. I just wanted to write a normal story and Bullying is the first thing that came in my head, as there are a lot of stories about bullying.The next step was to outline, and come up with the script of the story. After that, I had to use the website to make a storyboard, we were able to change the positions of the characters so that the emotions were really able to be shown. The last step was probably the longest, which was coding. With the coding website Scratch, I brought the story to life.

For details about the project, go to the link below




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