America’s education system was created in the nineteenth century and has been weakened throughout the years to a point where less then half of those who graduate high school graduate college. The US education system suffers from a lack of effort in it’s students, nobody wants to learn anymore. The system is set up in a way that strips students of their curiosity and wanting to learn. Success, today, is defined by your GPA; students define their self worth solely on the grades they receive in class and it diminishes generations to come.

Another problem we face is in the school itself more than the students, the school is being run like a business, especially private schools. A school’s main goal is to get a student into college and it seems they don’t care how they just do, it’s their job. In an article done by Common Dreams, they state, “It’s absurd. Not everything benefits from being sold for a profit. Imagine if your spouse suggested running your marriage that way. It would turn you both into prostitutes selling yourselves at ever cheaper rates while any self respect, dignity and love disappeared”. The part of the school that teaches you how to learn and enjoy doing it has been replaced with a false sense of success which we define by how many degrees or diplomas a student receives.

Grades as well have cause a problem in our education system in that thats all students strive for. When education was first set up the grading system was used to show how much a student was excelling and now its been boiled down to numbers and scores that add up to a percent. What it does is it takes away someones want to learn and replaces it with a want for an A, because grades are seen as the definition of our success. A study done by Boston university took eighty valedictorians and followed them on their career paths and it was clear that yes they may have all gained professional careers none of them were seen as real trail blazers. They also raised the question of how can one day of standardize testing define ones intellect(The ACT)? And more importantly how can we fix this and gear students back to the track of wanting to learn and grow. Cindy Long, editor for NeaToday says, “That’s why the best teachers and schools replace grades (and grade-like reports) with narrative reports – qualitative accounts of student performance – or, better yet, conferences with students and parents.” This allows the student to focus on what they are learning and excel in it rather then just doing the bare minimum for the A.

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January 11, 2018 3:39 am

PJ, I agree there are so many problems with our schools today. I just wrote a paper about growth mindset. I wonder how things would be different if student grades were based on growth rather than fixed scores. I also think students should learn more real world skills and be exposed to other opportunities after high school rather than just going to college.

January 11, 2018 2:39 am

Pj, I just finished a research paper on Standardized testing and the fact that it is an outdated way of testing ones intellect. I agree with all that you point out, The outdated system pushes students to go for the A, not to learn. It is a tragic system and it needs to be changed. do you know if any schools/states/countries that are trying to push for a new system?

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