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Our spoken words hold the power to influence individuals’ opinions about us and the effect that they bring others. Words are the principal factor in our spoken language. These words hold the power to be affirmative and up-lifting towards others or be detrimental to someone’s mental state. Words sway our opinions, make us doubt our beliefs, and taint the image we have of others. Our words are the spoken confirmation of our thoughts and are the way we communicate with others. 

The rise of internet use has brought about a brand new form of communication over the internet. Social media has made communication more accessible, “The social media has made it possible for people to communicate with their families, partners, and friends on a global scale that only used to be on a local level” (Maxim). Individuals use social media to communicate on a broader scale. It has brought about new possibilities for individuals to have relationships. However, with new possibilities comes new dangers. Social media is often considered the hub for the dangers that words present because oftentimes these words are spoken anonymously. Maxim states, “… there are people, who might argue that the utilization of the internet and social media have caused people to be more unsociable by driving them away from the physical world, spending lots of their time hiding behind screens.” Individuals can say what they want and no one will know who they are; their image is not damaged. These words harm the image of the recipient and deteriorate their self image. Although the internet is a new form of communication, it has made individuals unsociable in nature because of the lack of human interaction. Furthermore, “With the advancement of technology and the rise of social media, today’s youth are bringing their bullies home with them” (Cyberbullying and Social Media). The prevalence of cyberbullying on social media platforms today results in an increase of dangerous language. This language is harmful to an individual’s mental and emotional health. Our spoken words, whether online or in-person, affect the recipient and their perception of the world around them. 

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The Power of Words – Blog Brittany
January 22, 2022 4:17 am

[…] on Social Media have the power to influence, bring comfort, or cause destruction. Youth Voices states, “words hold the power to be affirmative and uplifting towards others or be detrimental to […]

November 16, 2020 10:40 pm

Molly, I love the writing style! This is very spot on and I agree with your take on this prompt. The way in which you approached this is wonderful I couldn’t agree more with you about the power that our words hold. The impact that our words can have are is often overlooked, as you pointed out, and that is very unfortunate.

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