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Language is one of the aspects of society that sets us apart the most. However, it can also bring people together. The definition of language has changed so much over time and has a variety of different meanings in society today. We might think of language as something that has to be spoken, however, that isn’t always the case. Sign language is one of the most powerful forms of communication in the world today and inspires hope in those who cannot communicate otherwise. With sign language, the barrier of spoken words between those who can speak and those who are unable to is broken which allows for a closer connection between people in society.

    We generally think of body language as how we act when we say certain things or how we express the meaning of those words. However, sign language takes it to a whole new level. ASL, as it is widely known, is a “highly expressive language, using the body to precisely convey not just word meanings, but emotion and context as well” (Hottensen). Everyone in society has a right to speak and those who don’t have that privilege should at least have the right to the education needed to be able to communicate. Being able to speak your mind is the most rewarding part of being human. Being able to communicate is crucial for those who are hard of hearing, especially children. Deaf children have the right to education just like any other child and should be given quality education in a language and a virement that allows them to reach their full potential (“The Power of Sign Language”). Along with receiving a good education, being able to communicate plays an important role in all aspects of medicine as well (Busch). Communication in medicine allows for the best treatment to be received as well as a better understanding of the patient. Speaking is a fundamental part of our lives and sign language allows people to express themselves emotionally and physically. Everyone in society has the right to equality and it is our mission to make sure everyone has a voice.

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