The power of language on the internet is different then the language in person. The language on the internet changes the way one reads and communicates. While many see language as a tool of unification and empowerment, it is also used to silence others. A way language is used to silence people is through the internet. The internet gives individuals the power to manipulate and suppress others. The power of language used through the internet is used to suppress people’s voices. An example that the power of language can be used to suppress others is the “potential for miscommunication abound”(Cornish). This is an example of the affect the power of language has on people is because the miscommunication can hurt others. People can put down others through language on the internet by simply being misunderstood. The power language has on the internet is messy and complicated. Another example that the power language has on people is “language can play a big role in how we and others perceive the world, and linguists work to discover what words and phrases can influence us, unknowingly”(University). This is a prominent example of the power of language because as stated previously, words and phrases can affect us without our knowledge. The words from someone can silence another person unknowingly. This last piece of evidence states that “language is the primary tool for expression and communication”(University). This evidence demonstrates that language is a primary form of expression. The expression one gives from communicating can muffle the words of another person. The power language has on people is baffling. Everyone uses language in a different way.

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